4 Things That Aren't Always Terrifying When You Have Oily Skin

When my skin was going through its seriously oily and unbalanced stage there were a few things that I avoided like the plague. However having oily skin doesn't always mean you need to avoid a certain type of product or ingredient. Unless of course it really doesn't agree with your skin which is a very personal matter. There are a few items that my skin loves now and rather than being irritating and causing extra sebum production they've helped to keep my complexion under control and balanced. Skincare is such a personal thing and it can often take years to find what truly works for ours but here are the 4 things I didn't need to be so scared of when I had super oily skin. 


For some people, mineral oil isn't something that they like to use on their skin as they don't react well to it. However, for many of us, it doesn't cause any issues at all but because it's become such a bad beauty buzz world it's all too easy to think we should avoid it like the plague. Mineral oil is a by-product of crude oil which is something that sounds terrifying but it's not and when it's broken down and formulated into beauty products it's completely safe to use [they wouldn't be allowed to use it otherwise].  It's a cheap filler ingredient used in skincare to bulk it up as well as preserve products.  Granted it's not the nicest ingredient but it's simply become a buzz word in the beauty community and it's all too easy to just presume it won't agree with your skin just because other people say it won't. But there are so many studies [this one in particular] that show that people very rarely react to it which are definitely worth the read if it's something you're interested in. 


I still vividly remember the first time I used a cleansing balm. And it was all because the blogging world told me if I didn't then my face was more likely going to fall off [I kid, obviously]. And it didn't agree with my skin at all because the balm that I chose contained a large amount of shea butter. An ingredient that is known for being problematic with oily and spot prone skin so I wrote off cleansing balms entirely. However, they're are so many cleansing balms that don't contain shea butter and can work incredibly well with oily skin. Something that's foaming, clarifying and dryer than the Sahara desert might seem like the best option but it rarely is and then causes the skin to react by producing more oil which isn't what anyone wants from their cleanser when they're trying to apply other products. 


Drying out your skin with harsh clarifying stripping products is something that seems all too tempting but it's never the best option. And just because your skin is oily that doesn't mean that it doesn't  need moisture. And using a good moisturiser that's suited to your skin can often help control the oil, keep it balanced and feeling good throughout the day. If there is anything that I learnt from my oily days is that helping the skin become balanced by having the right mix of products is key. 



Probably any oily girls biggest fear is slathering on extra oil when they already make plenty of their own. Anything I used to buy had to be oil free in fear of it causing my skin to freak out but finding and exploring the world of oils has actually helped my skin to become more balanced. Oils have come such a long way now and there are so many that are a far cry away from the tacky slippery mess that they're presumed to be. Many oils can actually help to unclog pores, treat and fight breakouts [shocking, I know]. The key is to find one that can work with your skin type and work with your natural oils rather than battling against them or making you produce more oil. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on avoiding things when you have oily skin?

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