6 Books I Loved Reading This Year

I kind of failed on the reading front in 2016. I wanted to try and read 52 books this year which equates to one a week but I think I set my goal a little too high. And it's not because I've not had time either it's because I've chosen other things over reading like watching Gilmore Girls and knit. But there are some books that I've read this year and absolutely loved, so if you're looking for some new reads to add to your reading list for 2017 here are some of my favourites from the year. 


This was the last book that I read and if you're at all familiar with my blog you will already know how much I love Pretty Honest. Sali Hughes is without a doubt someone I admire the most in the beauty world. The way she talks about products is absolutely magical and whenever I feel uninspired by the industry Sali's words inspire me within seconds. Pretty Iconic is a compendium of the most iconic products in Sali's life and the industry and it's such a fascinating read. Not only do you get a wonderful insight into the history of the products but also her personal relationship with them. If you're a beauty lover then I highly suggest picking this up as it's the perfect book to read over the festive period as you can pick it up and put it down at your leisure. 


There was a lot of hype surrounding Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I was a little worried that it might one of those books that get way too hyped up. But it wasn't and it's such a motivating book and something that I think anyone should read whether they're in the creative field or not. The advice in Big Magic isn't groundbreaking and going to change your life but it's incredibly honest and relatable which is what I loved the most about it. It's a book that I'll probably reach for when I'm in a real slump with work and need a pick me up. It's a great one if you want to read something to inspire and motivate you but don't have much time to spare as I read this cover to cover in about 4 hours. 


Probably one of the most important books I've read this year. It's rare to find something that is so honest about mental health that can help you not only understand your own mind a little more but how other people might suffer too. Reasons To Stay Alive is such a beautiful read and something I'd suggest anyone reading as it makes you feel truly grateful to be alive. It's a book that I've come back to time and time again this year whenever my mind has gone through a rough patch. And even though it's not a magic cure I've found it to be a huge help when my mind goes into overdrive. 


Another book from Liz Gilbert and probably my favourite from the year. Reading Eat, Pray, Love feels almost like a right of passage in life as it's such a cult read and even though some say it's difficult to get into I didn't find that at all. It follows Liz's search for everything as she reaches a turning point in her thirties where she realises that she's living a life that she hates and wants more. She travels to Rome, India and Bali on her path of self-discovery and my favourite chapter was definitely Italy. The way that Liz writes is so beautiful, it's so honest and you can find yourself relating to it even if you've never experienced exactly what she's writing about. There's a reason why this is such a cult book and watch [the film is also wonderful]. 


So many people had told me to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I'm so glad I did. The beginning of the story where her mother dies is something that I went through in the beginning of my 20's and she spoke about it in such an honest and beautiful way which is rare to find in books. We then follow Cheryl hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and all the ups and downs that she faces doing so.  I absolutely adored Wild and all the unfiltered emotions that are constant throughout it. It's one of those awesome books that makes you feel capable of doing absolutely anything after reading it and I'm already excited to read it again. 


There is no way I could write this post without including this book. Harry Potter was such an important and large part of my childhood so my excitement levels were through the roof for The Cursed Child to be released. The plot line follows Harry and Malfoy's son going through Hogwarts and the difficulties and trouble they get into as well following all our most loved characters and what they're doing in their adult lives. There are some parts of the book that I wasn't all that keen on and it does read a little like fan fiction at times. But it's still a fantastic book and something I think all HP fans should give a read. 

What are your favourite reads from the year?

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