7 Of The Best Style Investments I've Ever Made

In the past, I've spoken a lot about the best beauty investments that I've made but I don't think I've shared my favourite style pieces that I've purchased. And the whole thing about investments, in any area of your life is that it's very personal and we all work with different budgets. For me, anything from £30-£150 is what I consider an investment piece but it varies so much from person to person. So here are some of the best ones that I've made over the years, some are pieces that have stood the test of time and some are new additions. 


Of course, how could I start this post without speaking about the classic Breton. It's just one of those pieces that works without fail for a number of different outfits, occasions and stripes never go out of style. Armor Lux and Joules are brands that I always gravitate towards for a thick weighty Breton that I know is only going to get better with age. They are one of those style pieces that I always know I can rely on to look good with no real effort at all. Which is brilliant because I'm hardly the most styled person out there that's for sure but the classic Breton gives the illusion that I am. 


In general, trainers are quite expensive whether you buy and wear them for the gym only or for day to day life. Because there is no denying that they're probably some of the comfiest shoes you can wear and in recent years they've become quite the style staple. As I'm a regular gym frequenter and I wear them quite a lot in day to day life I don't mind spending a little more on trainers if I know that I'm going to get the wear out of them. I'm a big fan of Nike and most of my trainers come from the brand, they make beautiful pieces that offer great support for fitness as well as looking nice. In general, I tend to spend £70 to £100 on one pair that will see me through the entire year [they do last longer than that but I always refresh after a year]. Which is a lot of money on one item but when you use it every day they soon get their cost per wear down. My personal favourite style is the Flyknit and Junvenate, I like something quite slim on the foot as anything too chunky isn't all that flattering for me. 


Technically this wasn't an investment I made for myself but my sister made it for me nearly 5 years ago and my Mulberry scarf is one of my most prized possessions. The brand has changed quite a lot over the years and they've ditched their tree logo which I was always personally a big fan of. This scarf isn't something that's going to be able to keep you amazingly warm in baltic temperatures although it does still do a good job for British winters. It's one of those scarves that as well as being reasonably practical can also be used as more of an accessory like either tied around a bag or something like that. It's a piece that's worn beautifully and only got softer over time and the two tones of grey makes it a little more versatile than a solid block colour piece. 


If there is one thing that I think every girl should own it's a leather jacket. I've never bought a real one as my faux options have always done me fine and now I'm not sure I would buy a real one if I'm honest. There a piece that goes with absolutely everything and can see you through the majority of the seasons so it's such a good investment to make. I've always liked the Topshop offerings and even after 5 years mine hasn't started to look tatty even though I've worn it hundreds of times. 


Whilst I can't comment on the longevity of this bag just yet I'm so glad that I made the splurge. I've never been someone to spend a lot on a bag let alone a backpack but as I'm on the go often with a lot of stuff like my laptop and camera equipment I needed something a little more sturdy so I knew a backpack was one of the best options. I love the Kanken style as they're not too bulky and a little more sleek that your standard option. In terms of practicality, they're so good for carrying around a laptop around a camera, you can find camera inserts to keep your kit protected too and the built-in laptop sleeve is perfect. I went for the Graphite colour which is a mix between a blue and a grey as it goes with everything I own but they have a huge colour selection available, I'm still lusting after the pink. 


This is an item that very much depends on your lifestyle but as I'm a dog walker I really need a good coat to keep me snug and warm when winter hits. The North Face and Regatta are both brands that I absolutely adore for a good water and windproof coat to see me through a few seasons, I always make sure that I pick them up at outlets though as otherwise they really are quite expensive, especially The North Face. And I think it's all too easy to presume that anything wind and waterproof must be terribly unstylish. But I love the way that they look when paired with a good pair of black jeans or leggings, oversized knit and some trainers. Such a simple outfit but I think it works for so many things. 


My & Other Stories dress is still a pretty new purchase to my wardrobe but a good black dress has always been a staple to me as I'm sure it is to many other women. It's fair to say that I don't have that many smart occasions in my life but when they do occur I want to make sure I have something that I can rely on to not only look smart but make me feel awesome too. I love this spotty dress from & Other Stories as it's a shift cut which I find the most flattering on my figure and it's incredibly comfortable as it's a jersey material too.

What are your favourite style investments?

R x

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