8 Beauty Areas Where I Pinch The Pennies

I have a soft spot for luxury beauty, I won't deny it. But there also a few areas where I really like to save my money as I just don't feel the need or want to really spend the extra money. Shopping high end doesn't mean you're always getting the best you can and there are so many awesome cheaper alternatives out there. 


An all natural deodorant isn't something that I've looked into as quite frankly I don't know what I'm looking for and if I'm so worried about the chemicals in my deodorant shouldn't I be concerned about them in every other aspect of my life too? So I tend to go for the likes of Mitchum, especially if it's on offer as it doesn't leave terrible white marks on my clothes and it keeps me feeling confidently sweat free all day, even through a workout. As of right now, I prefer the spray to the roll on or the cream as I found them really difficult to wash away and they were quite bad for white marks, especially on sports bras.


It might seem a little unbelievable if I told you that when I'd spent more on cotton wool in the past that it had ended up breaking me out in spots. Which seems a little unbelievable I know, I think it's when they're the exfoliating variation but it would appear my skin only likes cheap cotton wool. Which obviously does my bank account wonders as I do get through it quickly. It might seem like an odd area to save money but I easily get through 6 or 7 cotton rounds a day so I soon get through them and when you can spend upwards of £3 a pack that soon adds up. 


The world of micellar water started out strictly as a high-end skincare product but over the years it's trickled down to the high street and now you don't have to spend much at all to get a great product. As it's not something that stays on the skin for a while it's not something I deem as a priority to spend a little more on. My all time favourite has to be the Garnier Micellar Water, you get so much for your money and it works so well at removing any makeup even tough to remove lip colours and mascara. Another one I also love but don't find as good for the price is the Nivea option the bottle is quite small and it's more expensive than the Garnier but possibly a better product for sensitive skin.


Clay is one of the cheapest ingredients that you can put into skincare which is why I'm never all that fussed when it comes to splurging on a clay mask. There are some beautiful high-end options out there that I've used and loved but when it comes to just a bog standard deep clarifying mask that promises nothing else to the skin but to give it a thorough cleanse I'm happy to pay less. Of course, if you want something that can do a little more than just get keep on top of congestion then generally you do need to spend a little more but just to get all the dirt and grime out of your pores you don't need to. 


There are plenty of high-end mascaras that I absolutely love but paying upwards of £20 for one is just painful, no matter how beautiful it can make my lashes. Because mascara has such a short shelf life I don't think it's really worth paying that much and also if you get an eye infection and have to chuck it away throwing away something that cost £8 is bad enough let alone something that cost £20 or maybe even £30. There are so many awesome mascaras on the lower end of price scale that can often compete with their high-end counterparts that it feels much easier to find a more purse-friendly alternative.


Having a luxury body cream to treat yourself to when it comes to feeling really good is lovely. But definitely not a necessity and it's something that I prefer to spend a little less on and that doesn't mean you can't find something that's super rich and nourishing on the skin. My go to brand for a body moisturiser that I'm going to use on a daily basis is Garnier, they have a vast range and their Ultimate Blends has to be my favourite for leaving my limbs feeling silky smooth and nourished. But they're not so rich that you have to wait hours to get dressed after using them.


The price of razors is something that I just can't get on board with at all. And even when I have paid more I never find them as good as the somewhat cheaper options, the one use ones that you can pick up are something I find to work horribly and even after years of shaving it always ends up in nicked knees. The best razor that I've ever found with reasonably priced refills are from Tesco and it's the own brand option. You can get so many uses out of one head and when it does come to changing them then they are affordable. 


Typically I don't buy a dedicated eye makeup remover but I can't deny how much easier it makes cleansing my complexion overall. There are a lot of hyped up options in the blogging world like Clarins and Chanel but I can't just bring myself to spend so much on something like that. Again, it's probably because it's not something that stays on the skin and there are plenty of highly effective options on the high street like something more natural from Lavera or Simple's dual phase product. 

Where do you save money when it comes to beauty?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty