A Few Ways To Be More Creative Every Day

Being creative is a journey that's constantly evolving and changing and there's never one final destination to become a 'creative'. And I think anybody who does anything remotely creative whether it be for work or in their personal life knows the feeling of wanting to do more and constantly build on your skills and try new things. Running a blog is an incredibly creative venture and one that I thrive from every single day but lately, I've been feeling the itch to create more so I thought I'd open up a discussion about it today as well as share a few ways that I'm going to be challenging myself creatively in 2017.


Getting stuck in a comfortable rut is something that I find myself in way too often. And it's not just in my creative work but in my general life just like my makeup, fitness and day to day routine because once you find something that works well and is comfortable why would you ever stray from it? But changing things up, even just the small things is always refreshing on the brain. For me, challenging the way I put together blog posts, the backgrounds that I use to photograph on and even the way I edit are all small things I've done to challenge myself recently and it feels awesome.

And stepping outside your comfort zone is hard and always a little scary and it never quite feels right at first but once you embrace the change it's exciting and feels awesome. So often creative ventures are something that we're doing off our own backs and having that motivation and ability to be a self-starter is so important. It's so easy to let yourself become bogged down and the worry of doing something new can consume you but breaking free from your brains constraints is such a good thing to be able to do and can only benefit you and your dreams in the long run. 


Whenever I think of a new idea the second thought that comes in to my mind is that it seems completely out of reach and a little crazy. But maybe having those wild out there ideas are what we need and we need to feel a little scared so that we can progress and chase what we really want. Feeling comfortable is lovely but it's never quite as exhilarating as pushing forward. When something feels too hard or too out there I always like to remind myself of everyone else in the world who is chasing their ideas and thought they were too wild or too out there and pushed through those doubts and created something incredible.


  1. Take a photograph, whether it's for Instagram or just for yourself.
  2. Write, a paragraph or a page it doesn't matter  how much.
  3. Read more. 
  4. Crafts or a simple DIY project, A Beautiful Mess and Burkatron have some awesome ones. 
  5. Draw or illustrate.
  6. Try out new photo editing software and explore new apps.
  7. Learn how to knit.
  8. Pick up a cross stitch project, Hobbycraft has some awesome ones. 
  9. Edit some photographs that you've had for a while and try something new. 
  10. Explore the world of photography props and get creative with what you already own. 
  11. Start a blog or work on your own.
  12. Read something that you wouldn't typically reach for. 
  13. Look into the world of hashtags on Instagram and see if they could benefit your content.
  14. Indulge in a podcast. 


Saying 'oh I can't do this' and 'oh I could never do that' are words I'm trying to ban from my vocabulary because it never ends up doing any good. Telling yourself that you can't do something is never going to end well as we're all so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. And it doesn't matter how long it takes you to achieve the thing that you want to do, just making a start and pushing past those fears is all that matters in the long run.  

What creative things do you want to do in 2017?

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