An Ode To Rose

Rose is a scent that you either absolutely love or you cannot stand it and deem it too grandma-esq [not a bad thing in my eyes]. Personally, I adore it and I'm always on the hunt for rose scents that work as so often they can set out with all the right intentions but then come out all wrong. So from makeup to scents to shades; here is the From Roses ode to rosy beauty products. 


MILLER HARRIS ROSE SILENCE RANGE*: This was a Valentine's Day release from the brand and when it arrived I knew it was more than likely going to be heavenly and it is. It's got that traditional rose scent that we all know and some of us love but it's got a slightly musky kick to it. It's a warming rose scent when usually they can be quite cool and that's why I love it so much as when they are cool I find them to be a little too earthy. Of course, Miller Harris is a luxe beauty brand and probably not something you want to be using every day but as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one who loves rose it's truly beautiful as the products as so luxe and decadent.


CHLOÉ DE ROSES: The original Chloé is either a scent that you love or think it's far too old fashioned. It's very distinguishable and something you can always detect on people but it's not overpowering. The classic Chloé is a musky fragrance but with the addition of rose, it's a little fresher which makes it perfect for any season because of the blend of the soft rose against the musk. As ever with Chloé scents not only are they always beautifully designed but they last incredibly well on the skin, you never have to worry about them fading away or not even lasting 5 minutes. You can detect them on the skin until you wash them away.


TRILOGY RADIANCE MASK*: The entire Trilogy line is based around roses which makes my nose and face incredibly happy. I've got a few more serums to use before I try out their cult rosehip oil but something I have been using is their radiance mask. Which is a mask that brightens the skin as well as giving it a deep cleanse which is typically what my skin needs at this time of year. The formulation does mean that this mask settles down to a firm finish but it's not a nightmare to remove as the evening primrose helps nourish the skin as well as the kaolin to deep cleanse. The scent of this mask isn't what you'd expect either, it smells like a rosy Bakewell tart, which if you know my beauty posts is a complete dream.

JURLIQUE ROSEWATER TONER: I've not been using a hydrating toner lately, there is no rhyme or reason to this they just kind of fell out my routine. But it wouldn't be a post all about rose without talking about the Jurlique Rosewater Toner, I've been through probably 10 bottles of the stuff. It doesn't do anything crazy to the skin and is more than likely just a fancy water but it does feel glorious and is beautiful in combination with something exfoliating to keep the skin balanced.

UNA BRENNAN ROSE MOISTURE MASK: When I got over my fear of moisturising masks this was one of the first that I saw instant results from. Because unlike the majority of the other masks that I use this one you only need to leave on for 10 minutes. And when you rinse it away you can instantly feel the hydration hit the skin. It works perfectly on a multitude of skin types I've found as over the years my skin has been in all sorts of conditions and it's still worked and provided that quick boost of moisture we all need from time to time.

THE BODY SHOP ROSE MASK*: Another brightening mask but not a very typical in terms of formulation. This is a cooling gel mask that is perfect for when your skin is either really lacklustre, tired or generally stressed because it gently brightens and it doesn't aggravate the complexion at all. The formulation is unlike anything else I own because it's a gel/jam which means it can get a tiny bit messy upon application but it sticks to the skin and doesn't just slide away which might be a worry with a mask like this. The mixture of rose gently plumps the skin and aloe vera is a natural way to cool and soothe any breakouts too.


REVLON MATTE BALM IN SULTRY*: This is a long term lip favourite of mine and was the product that made me really love chunky lip crayons. The shade sultry for me is a vintage rose and it always seems to change on different skin tones as it can either lean quite red or quite pink. For me, it's a dirty pink and it almost reminds me of the Beauty & The Beast rose, we all know the one. The formulation of the Matte Balms is beautiful, the name is misleading is because they aren't a matte, they're typically more of a satin and they glide onto the lips with ease, wear comfortably and stay put for hours. For a budget lip item, there isn't much more you could want.

FRESH SUGAR LIPBALM IN ROSE: How could I not mention this lip product when the shade is called rose? We all know that that I adore the Fresh Sugar Balms as they have a beautiful nourishing formulation but they give off the same pigment that you would expect from a lipstick but they're a balm and you get the same comfort from them. The shade rose is a pinky red and it makes wearing a brighter shade so much easier when it can often be a really daunting option.

RELVON NAIL POLISH IN TEAK ROSE: If you're after a really rosy polish that you can wear in any season then this is one to go for. I don't hear people talking about Revlon polishes all that often but the formulation is awesome. They're opaque in one swipe even if the brush is a little bit thin it's not a total nightmare to work with and you can get a good 4-5 days out of this polish.

What are your favourite rosy beauty products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty