The Capsule Handbag Collection

I feel like 2016 was the year of the handbag in the blogging world and pretty much everyone seemed to be buying a designer number. And whilst one of my life long materialistic goals is to own a Chanel classic flap bag it's not something I'm planning to do anytime soon but I do have a penchant for bags. I always have, I remember when I first started working in retail bags were always something I liked to treat myself to and they still are. I'm never going to be a girl who only has one bag in her collection as my life does require different bags for certain occasions. Although be well assured there is nothing for suitable for a nightclub as let's be honest I'm at 26-year-old nana. Anyway, enough rambling here is my capsule handbag collection.


For as long as I can remember I've had a satchel style as my main bag which is usually the one where my purse and day to day belongings live at all times. I always go for one that is a decent size, not too small or too gargantuan against my petite frame, the rule is that it has to fit my purse and my phone as those are my biggest necessities. The longest standing piece in my collection is my brown vintage bag, you've probably seen this in some of my pictures if you've been a long-term follower. It was from a vintage shop in London, I absolutely adore it and it's probably something I will have forever even though it's getting seriously worn out. At the moment I'm using the Marc B Kerry Bag* which is a sweet little pink accordion style with a top handle which is all I'm probably going to use this S/S as even though it's pink it's not too overbearing. I think one of the biggest reasons I've been so drawn to this style of bag is because they mostly have separate compartments which I find really helpful for keeping things organised and tidy whereas it's so easy to loose things in a tote bag. 


I didn't use a backpack for years because it just made me feel like I was back at school. It was always between getting a new backpack and a new pencil case that was the highlight of my school year. I made the investment into a Kanken backpack last year after having it in my sights for years but I was never sure if they were just a fad and not actually that practical but I suppose you never know until you try. After only a few uses I knew that it was a good investment but I didn't realise just how much I use I would get from this as it's my go to for a gym bag too. Whenever I'm taking my camera on the go or need my laptop this is my go to because it's so comfortable to wear throughout the day and it holds everything securely. I was sceptical that these bags wouldn't be substantial but mine is holding up well and ageing wonderfully and you can fit a huge amount in them and even when it's stuffed it doesn't become sloppy and look scruffy. I've written an entire post dedicated to this bag which you can read here and I go a little more in-depth. 


I'm not sure what it is about the tote/shopper style that I adore so much because when I think about it they're so incredibly simple in terms of design. Which knowing me and my style tastes is probably why they're my most purchased style of all time. Whenever I do a style post I will without fail always include a tote/shopper because aside from a satchel bag they're my go to because I can just throw my belongings in and go without much thought. I go back and forth from a faux leather style to a canvas tote and for the most part, it depends on the weather or what kind of outfit I'm going for. They're the perfect work or university bags as you can fit a lot of items in them although you have to be wary of just how much you're filling them with as they can become really straining on your shoulders if you cram them too full. The most important thing when using a tote bag is to have a separate pouch inside for all your valuables so that they don't get lost as there is nothing worse than that I can't find my phone panic.

What's your staple bag style?

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