The Classic Beauty Edit: The Ones You Know You Can Trust

The beauty lovers of the world will know the excitement that comes with a fresh launch and promises of what could be the next best thing. We try new things because they're fun and exciting but that doesn't mean we don't have the old classics that we know we can return to again and again. They're like an old sweater to us...friendly, comfortable and know exactly what we need them to do and when to do it. I'm sure we all have our own requirements of what can make the classic beauty product cut and why it has that status in our collection. And here is my edit, it's ever changing and evolving but everything on this list works [for me] without question.  


When I first became heavily interested in beauty I didn't use any brushes, I still used those cheap foam applicators that came with an eyeshadow or my fingers. And there isn't a problem with that but I don't think I was getting the most out of my products and discovering the world of beauty tools was a revelation. I've tried a few brands, never anything too pricey as it's never been in my budget but one brand I've become incredibly loyal to is Zoeva. A German brand that was born from the creator's frustrations with not being able to find a good quality brush without a hefty price tag. The tools that Zoeva creates are absolutely stunning, they're so beautiful in terms of design but their dependability is second to none. They work with any product amazingly well, they wash and wear beautifully and the best part of it all is that they're affordable. 


I distinctly remember the first time that I used Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream as my best friend had decanted some into a tub for me as I'd never tried the cult product and she swore by it for a lip balm. We've all probably heard about this product at some point as it has a huge cult following and is a product that is always littered across the beauty pages of magazines. 8 Hour Cream is a do it all balm for me, it can do no wrong in my eyes and whenever I'm in need it works without question. I use this on terribly chapped lips, really painful dry areas of skin as well as burns and it helps with all of those ailments. After all, it is a skin protectant so what else would you expect from something marketed as that? Some people cannot abide the smell of this, they do sell a fragrance-free version but it's a scent that I've really come to enjoy. It's so nostalgic for me and every time I apply it I instantly feel comforted. If you look at the ingredients of 8 Hour Cream I think would be easy to push it to the side in favour of something else but it's a cult beauty product for a reason. 


Toners are something that have become a key part of my skincare routine and I'm pretty sure I'll never leave them behind as they work so beautifully for me. In particular, the Pixi Glow Tonic. I might try other toners at the drop of a hat and get a lot of joy from doing so because I'm a beauty floozy. But I know that I can always depend on the cult classic Glow Tonic to not only keep my skin in check but to also deliver the goods [the goods being a clearer brighter complexion]. Most people find that their skin either really loves glycolic acid [what's in GT] or that they work better with salicylic acid [Origins Zero Oil] but fortunately mine seems to work with both. I fell hard for Glow Tonic because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, soothed [because of the inclusion of aloe vera] and just generally happy. It doesn't matter if I've got a tonne of breakouts it can tackle those or if I might be a little more dehydrated than it keeps things balanced and calm.


There has been plenty of cleansers come along since my days of religiously using Cleanse & Polish that have seriously impressed me. But I'm not quite sure that there has been anything I've used that quite tops C&P for its dependability. It's something that I know I can turn to no matter the condition of my skin, whether it might be more oily and blemish prone or more dry and dehydrated it removes any makeup remnants, cleanses just the right amount and keeps my complexion balanced. No, it doesn't promise anything like brightening or skin tone correcting but that's not what I need from my cleanser. I'm a sucker for a cream cleanser in general, gels to oils and of course balms are lovely but there is just something about a cream that will always keep me coming back for more. As well as the great formulation it's the price point that also makes me more inclined to return to LE. I'm happy to spend more on my skincare because I only have one face and I want to treat it well [whilst still being somewhat reasonable of course] but anything over £40 is a little much for a cleanser. And I'd rather spend more on the likes of a serum or a moisturiser because they're spending more time on the skin.


Something that fascinates me is how little or how much people take care of the skin on their body. Considering it's our biggest organ some people don't care for it at all but they might be militant about what they're doing with their face. And maybe it's because I've covered my skin in tattoos that I'm a little more concerned with how much I'm taking care of it but I do find it to make an overall difference. I'm not ever going to spending hundreds of pounds on luxurious body creams and oils [even though I'm sure they're lovely] but I do like to spend a little on my body care. A brand in general that I know I can always go to for pretty much anything is Soap & Glory. From their classic Miss Dior esq fragrance to their more cake like scents I'm pretty much a fan of everything and I know that their products always leave my skin in tip top condition.


CLARINS SMOOTHING PERFECTING TOUCH*: Smoothes out the skin's surface with ease and helps to prolong your base wear time. Hydrates drier areas of skin and balances out oily patches so you're left with a balanced complexion for base application.

YSL FOUNDATIONS: Seriously expensive but well worth it. The Touche Eclat and the Youth Liberator are both such beautiful bases for helping the skin look like a picture of health even when they aren't. They're scented which is a downside as it might be an irritant to many. 

ESSIE NAIL POLISH: Whenever I need my manicure to last a week or longer I slick on an Essie polish. The wide brush make them fool proof to apply and the formulation is thick and creamy so you don't need a tonne of coats to achieve an opaque finish.

What's your classic beauty edit?