The New Style Staple: The Midi Skirt

You know when you get so obsessed with a certain item of clothing that you then want to buy it in all the colours? Well, that's me and midi skirts at the moment and I never saw this new obsession coming. I've always liked my skirts, well, quite short as I always found them to be the most flattering on my figure. I worried that midi length cut me off at a funny point but after giving them a try again a few weeks ago I'm totally obsessed. They're my new staple for Summer and something I think every girl could benefit from having in her wardrobe.


  • They're perfect if you get bloated, they skim over your stomach and allow you room to breathe comfortably.
  • You don't have to shave legs above the knee. 
  • They're an awesome confidence booster on the days you might not feel so awesome about your body. 
  • They eliminate the fear of flashing your bum to strangers. 
  • You can wear them in any season as they work well with tights too. 
  • They give you that awesome 'I'm free and I just want to float around' type of feeling. We've all been there, right? 
  • You can still wear them in the real Summer heat as they're so lightweight. 


As I wasn't 100% that I'd really fall for the style when I purchased my first one I picked an olive green number from Primark. Typically, I don't shop in Primark and I've not bought anything from that store in a good year or so as I wanted to start making more sustainable style choices. But I know if I want to test out a certain item I will shop from a faster fashion store to see if it's something that I want to invest in rather than wasting my money on something I'm not going to wear. And if it's not something I find myself wearing then I will always donate it to charity, there is absolutely no reason to throw anything away even when buying from fast fashion stores. 

They are still selling the one I got photographed above in Primark in a few shades but you can find them at all price points so whatever works for you and your budget. Personally, I've gone for more a jersey or cotton material to keep them a little more casual as they can easily be dressed up whereas the more chiffon options are a little more dressy. Beautiful, of course, but not quite right for me and my wardrobe on a day to day basis.


Are you a fan of the midi skirt? How do you style them?

Rebecca WarrinerStyle