We all know how difficult it can be to produce awesome images to go with our beautiful online content. And that's why I've created the stock shop, a bundle store that sells high quality stunning photo packs that you can use for your blog content, newsletter, e-book, social media channels, online business, infographics, online store or any other form of digital media you might have!

Why The Stock Shop?

Creating beautiful eye-catching imagery for your online space isn't easy but the stock shop takes all the difficulty out of doing that for you. After creating content online for over five years I completely understand the importance of having images that draw people to your online space that they might skim past otherwise. My photography bundles contain 20 [sometimes more] high-quality portrait and landscape images that can be used for your blog, social media channels, infographics, online store, e-book, newsletter and more. These images are royalty free and can be manipulated in any way you'd like as many times as you'd like and you're never under obligation to link back to the source. Although if you were feeling so kind it would be great to share where you got them from. For 20 [or more] beautiful images, there is a one off payment of £30 which equates to less than £1.50 an image. These photography bundles could completely transform your online space and are yours to keep and use forever. 


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In this beautiful bundle you will get;

  • 35 high quality 1000pxX1500px jpg images that are a mixture of portrait and landscape. 

  • All of the images in the stock shop have been taken on a DSLR, in RAW format and edited in Photoshop CS6. 

  • The bundle is a one of payment of £30, that works out at just 80p an image. 

  • Once purchased these images belong to you, they can be used and manipulated in any way you'd like. 

  • The images require no credit but if you would like to share where you got your awesome images that would be great. 

  • These images can be used for any digital platform like your blog, newsletter, online shop, business or e-book. However, they cannot be used for re-sale or commercial use. If you would like to use any of the images in this manner then please contact me at rebecca@fromroses.co.uk 

  • Payment can be made through PayPal if needed. 




Getting beautiful images for your online space in Autumn/Winter can be near impossible. So I've done all the hard work for you and put together a photo bundle that captures all the beautiful colours and elements of the cooler seasons which is perfect for dreamy seasonal content.