About Rebecca

I'm Rebecca, I'm 27 and I currently reside in the countryside where I create [almost] daily content for the everyday girl who values everything from skin care, self-development & growth, style and everything else life can throw at us. From Roses was born during my time at university where I completed a First Class degree in Editorial & Advertising Photography and wanted a place to prattle on about my love for blush and all things frivolous. 6 years later this blog has grown into an established web space where I discuss a little more than lipstick and cover everything from health to photography tips. If that sounds like something you're interested in make sure you're subscribed! 


What is your job?

I'm a full time lifestyle blogger.

What type of dog is Josie?

She's a Whippet with a little bit of Lurcher in her. You can follow her on Instagram @josiethewhippie

what camera do you use?

The Canon 700d with a 40mm lens

what filters do you use on your instagram?


Who designed your blog?

I did, Google is your best friend.