The Adventures Of Josie & Edie 



Welcome to The Adventures Of Josie & Edie! A place for all our fellow hound owners to come and talk all things dog. From what we feed them, to our favourite walk spots and even what coats we put our beloved hounds in to keep them warm and dry. This passion project was born from my utter adoration of my dogs and an urge to expand on the conversations I find myself having on a near day to day basis with other dog owners. And to also, of course, share more about Josie and Edie as after all, they are my favourite thing to discuss. 


about josie

Josie is a two year old whippet cross [we think she’s a whippet x saluki] she’s nearly all whippet though! She was born in March 2017 and we went and picked her up from a little village in North Yorkshire on the 31st May 2017. She was our first sighthound and kickstarted our obsession with the breed as well as turning our house into a home. She’s a typical hound with her love for zooming around, making mischief and then when she's done flopping down on the sofa underneath a blanket for a cuddle.


about edie

Edie is a 1 year old petite blue whippet who came into our lives in April 2018 after finding herself needing a new home at only 12 weeks old due to some incredibly sad circumstances. She fitted into our lives perfectly and was the dog we knew Josie needed but we had no idea we needed her and she completed our family. She’s been Josie’s best friend and partner in crime from day one and you can typically find them scampering around the woods together.

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