Welcome To The New From Roses

Surprise! I've moved my blog over to its new home. After over 50 hours solidly working away since Friday night I'm so proud to launch the new From Roses to you today If you read my post on the creative things that I want to learn and do then you will know that I talked about moving over to SquareSpace in preparation for something coming in the future. I had the switch planned for later on in the year, but after going back and forth I decided to make the leap. This wasn't an easy decision to make, ever since I started blogging I've used Blogger as a platform and whilst I would never bash it. It simply didn't have the capabilities of what I needed for my business. The other big reason is that I want to make From Roses a much more visual place to visit, photographs are the entire reason that this blog exists. SquareSpace has given me the opportunity to utilise the images that I'm so proud of and make this space bigger than blog posts. 

I was so excited to design something completely from scratch and have a fresh start for this internet space. Initially building the site didn't take as long as I thought, reformatting 900 posts, however, is still a work in process. So here is a little tour of what I've built: 

A Homepage 

Now when you tap in www.fromroses.co.uk into your browser you will land on this homepage. Below my logo you can find a navigation bar where you will find the blog, more information about me, sponsorship page and archives. One of the biggest selling points to moving to SS was having the ability to create this page. Like I said earlier I want to make From Roses a visual place and by creating this page I've been able to add a lot more features to do just that. 

On the home page you can find: 

  • Slideshow of latest images
  • Bio & Instagram
  • Social media links 
  • Categories
  • Latest Posts 

Although From Roses is a blog I wanted to make the site feel bigger than just its content. I want to create a community for my audience and offer more of a reader experience.

This homepage is completely mobile and iPad friendly. 


In the navigation bar, you can find the archive menu. I've created an in-depth archive system for your browsing pleasure In each category there are 30 of the latest posts, after writing nearly 900 posts I've built up a huge body of work. So by creating these archive systems you can go back through the years and catch up on anything you might have missed. 

the blog 

So now onto the reason that you guys are all reading this post in the first. I didn't want to move far away from the awesome blog that my talented friend Chaitra had designed for me a couple of months ago. The biggest changes are to the text, I've made things bigger and bolder so that it's easier for you guys to read as I know some of you had issues with my old font choice. My sidebar is still the same and you can buy ad spots as usual here

I hope you guys like the changes that I've made. I'm hoping that this post has reached you through my Bloglovin feed, but there is possibility that it might not have done and it might take a couple of days to work out any niggles as my blog URL has changed. All my content is still on Bloglovin but if you click onto it then you will land on my latest posts page as like I said my URL is different. 

This post is the perfect opportunity to thank you guys too. I don't say it enough, but I'm truly grateful for how much love and support I receive from each and everyone one of you on a daily basis. I've been writing From Roses for 4 years now and I couldn't ever imagine it getting to the place that is now, in total there are 35,000 of you following my ramblings in one way or another and it blows my mind. So I hope that I can continue to make awesome content for you guys over the next year and that it's a good one for all of us.

R x

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