5 Things I Love To Have But Don't Need

The phrase 'I couldn't live without...' is thrown around a lot in the blogging world. And of course, unless those things are either air,water or food we can most definitely be without them. But we all have things in our life that we love and wouldn't want to be without because they bring us so much joy. And I'm excited to share what those things are to me today and of course, I want to know what yours are. 


Luxe fancy candles are something I absolutely adore. Of course, I'm in no financial position to pick up a new Diptyque candle every week but every once in a while [more like once a year if I'm lucky] I love to treat myself to one. And even though I'm all too aware of the damaging effects burning candles can have on your environment that still doesn't taint my love for them. One of the best things about more expensive candle options is that you don't need to always them to be lit to enjoy them as they kick off their scent so well. Which means you can get so much more out of them and more for your money. Out of all the fancy candles I've used Diptyque are by far my favourite brand and my most loved scents are Vanille, Baies and Ambre


A notepad of some sort is generally considered a necessity, however, I don't think my rather extensive collection of them would be considered necessary. I personally like to invest in my stationery because I've always found if you pay just that little more bit more everything about the quality is improved. There are so many ways that you can work entirely digital that it's really easy to completely eliminate paper products. But having everything in different apps is something I find pretty stressful and the simple process of putting pen to paper is something I find so cathartic so my collection always gets used. 


The entire point of a phone case is to keep your phone safe incase you drop it. But of course, I'm too snobby about aesthetics to buy one that would actually do something if I dropped my phone. As let's be honest the plastic ones do very little for phone safety although they do prevent scratches. But I'm a sucker for the cute designs and can't resist a way to embrace my inner child and get something adorable with Pusheen cat or Fifi Lapin* on. 


When I love something I find myself constantly gravitating towards it even when I've got something similar to it. But because I know I absolutely adore it then I will always get good use out of it. So rose coloured nail polishes, for example, dominate my collection but because they're all slightly different in colour and formulation I feel like I can totally justify it. I do this in more than just my nail polish collection too, this weird little habit leaks into my basic t-shirt collection, blusher collection and sweatpant collection. What can I say? I just know what I love.


Fresh flowers are such a beautiful treat and always brighten my day when I've got them in my environment. Of course, buying fresh flowers constantly is a pricey habit even when you go for the cheaper bunches like carnations or baby's breath. But there is just something so special about picking up a good bunch, arranging them and finding a place to display them proudly. If you're a lover of fresh flowers around I do think having house plants, cacti or succulents is a better option in the long run and also better for your bank balance. Unless you're a plant killer of course... 

What are the things that you love to have around that you don't really need?

R x

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