From Nails To Lips; My Most Loved Shades When It Comes To Beauty

Whilst knockout formulations and dreamy decadent packaging are wonderful discovering a shade that truly sits well with your complexion is one of my favourite things when it comes to beauty. And it's all a matter of trial and error from what I've discovered over the years and whilst it's awesome to be able to be privy to what suits your favourite online people what works for one doesn't always work for others. So if you're in a little bit of a rut with what colours you're using at the moment here are my all time favourite colours to reach for from lips to nails.



MAC NAKED LUNCH: Like you might think there are many champagne shades in my beauty arsenal but this is the one that I think would be suitable for the majority of skin tones. As well as having a great formulation that is buttery enough that it's a breeze to work with they're not so soft that they just fall out onto the lid and can't adhere to the skin without the use of the primer. The price point of MAC shadows is wonderful for the price and are incredibly long lasting. There is just something about an ever so slightly peach champagne that I adore against my skin tone as it's so simple that it can be worn everyday and can be paired with any other beauty look you might like. 


BURBERRY PALE BARELY*: For a while, I would have said the Clarins Ombre Irredescent shadow in Silver Ivory was my favourite taupe but this year the cult classic Burberry Pale Barley took over it. The best thing about a deep earthy taupe is that they're still suitable for day to day but they make more of a statement and add a little more interest to the eye. It's another one that could work beautifully on a number of skin tones, although I hate it when people say that it's true. The formulation is beautiful and packed lightly onto the lid it stays put all day, granted it's pretty pricey for a single shadow and not something that will sit comfortably with many budgets but if it does then I can't recommend it enough if you're a single shadow every single day kind of girl.



FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN PETAL: There are many options that could have taken the crown for this category but I had to mention this shade. It was the colour that really made me fall for lipstick after wearing shades for so long that didn't really look right on my skin tone [ahem, MAC Shy Girl]. This dusky rose goes with the majority of other makeup looks as well as making a small statement when everything else is kept relatively simple. Of course, the Fresh formulation is second to none and is so much more than a tinted balm to me as it packs the same kind of punch in the pigmentation stakes as a lipstick. They sit on the lips wonderfully and don't just wear away in a matter of minutes like many tinted balms do. And the screw top packaging is something quite unique to the brand and something I wish more brands would do as it puts a stop to any risk of the top coming off in your bag and ruining everything in sight.


REVLON LIP BUTTER IN BERRY SMOOTHIE: I can't say that I've worn a berry in a while as I typically go for a dusky pink but when I do or did shall I say. I always went for the Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie. To be honest I'm not even sure if they even make this shade anymore or if this entire range is still around which is a shame because it was such a dream and something that the bloggers went nuts for when they were first released. The packaging was a little tacky but what was inside was truly wonderful. Very much like the Fresh balms they were soft on the lips and were so highly pigmented even though this was marketed as more of a balm. I could happily get a good 3/4 hours wear from these and I always loved the berry tones in the range because they were so easy to wear even though they were creamy they were still very much a statement. As I'm fair with quite vibrant green eyes [when I've been drinking enough water] the cool purple tones were a brilliant contrast.



ESSIE FIFTH AVENUE: This isn't actually a shade that I've had in my stash for years but I do always have a red in there no matter what. I don't think this could ever be knocked off the top spot when it came to a true classic red. For months all I would wear was a red nail, I rarely slicked on anything else. Now my tastes are a little different and I prefer to go for something a little nuder but my heart still flutters when I see a glossy red manicure. And during the time I was completely obsessed with the classic red the best I ever found was Essie Fifth Avenue, it didn't lean too orange or too blue just a true red. And as always the Essie formulation is fabulous too and makes it so easy to achieve a flawless finish. 


H&M NAIL POLISH IN ROSE UMBER: Never did I think I would be waxing lyrical about a H&M nail polish. But if you struggle to find a nude everyday friendly polish that doesn't make your hands look mannequin-like then this is the one. It's pink enough to still be detectable on the nails but it's not so pale that it just looks unflattering. And for the price I can't say enough good things about this nail polish, the formulation is thick and creamy with a wide brush that hugs the nail comfortably making it easy enough to only use one stroke. And finally my favourite thing about this product is the size, they're smaller than your typical polish which makes it easy to finish them as I'm not sure how many of us really get through an entire polish.



NARS DOUCEUR/TARTE EXPOSED: Just like the Fresh Sugar lip balm in Petal won't come as a surprise to any regular readers of my beauty content neither will these two blush options. A dirty dusky pink with a somewhat brown undertone is perfect for not only adding a flush of colour to the skin but also sculpting the cheek too. Blush is one of my favourite beauty products to apply but I've never loved anything too glittery or shimmery as they just don't suit me at all and tend to sit in my pores. These are matte blushers but they don't sit uncomfortably on the skin and just glide across the cheek beautifully. Whenever I'm in a beauty rut then I know I can always reach for either of these and they will work no matter what. 


HOURGLASS BLUSH IN MOOD EXPOSURE: A berry on the lips seems like more of a bold move than it ever does on the cheek for some reason. One of the easiest mauve/berry esque shades to wear on the skin the Hourglass blush in Mood Exposure. It's almost lilac in tone but as it's a baked blush then it's so easy to wear without it looking odd or too out there. Again, because I'm fair and have green eyes I find anything with a purple base incredibly flattering. Whilst I adore this shade I'm still never quite sure how I feel about the Hourglass formulation as it just seems so expensive when the product isn't absolutely mind-blowing. 


What are your all time favourite shades when it comes to beauty?