Summer Staples For Keeping Cool & Confident

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve had a crazy heatwave in the UK with quite frankly terrifying temperatures of 38 degrees. And of course, when I’m writing this it’s raining outside but I’m hoping we won’t have said goodbye to the more reasonable warm weather just yet as there is nothing that makes me happier than waking up to the sunshine and these are my favourite style pieces for keeping cool & feeling confident in warmer climates.

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Our Current House Renovation Plans

As my boyfriend and I have shelved the conversation of moving for a little while we’re ready to make some more changes to our home. We’re not doing anything crazy or too expensive because we know we’re going to be moving in the next couple of years and have to be realistic with what adds value to the house and what is just to our taste as house renovations add up real fast. Our bathroom renovation was undoubtedly the biggest thing we took on and 8 months on we’re still so happy with the finished result and we’re hoping we’ll be just as happy with the results of all our other plans.

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My Most Loved Primers Right Now

-this post contains PR samples-

Primer is one of those products that you use and love or you think is a waste of time. For me, it’s always something that I’ve been a fan of since I properly got into beauty a few years ago and it completely changed not only how my base looks but how they perform too. Over the years not only have I loved reaching for a primer when I’m wearing a full face of makeup but also when I’m going makeup-free too as they can give the complexion a boost with minimal effort. And these are my most loved primers for doing exactly that at the moment.

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What My Workday Looks Like Right Now

I’m in a good rhythm with work at the moment, my day to day tasks change obviously but the general routine I’m in is the same which I love because I thrive when I’m in a good routine that allows a little bit of time for everything. Whenever I see posts like from fellow freelancers I’m always interested to see what their workday looks like as we all work to a different rhythm which is awesome. One of the best things about working for yourself is finding what quite literally works for you and this is what I’ve found is the best for me when it comes to how I work.

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My Favourite Books That Have Helped My Mental Health

For me, when it comes to learning more about not only my own mental health struggles with the subject as a whole I like to take my comfort from books. The online space is of course, wonderful and there are so many awesome people sharing their story which has been incredibly helpful in raising awareness and I know I wouldn’t feel so safe talking about my struggles online if it weren't for those people. But I take so much solace in books and these are all the books that I’ve learnt so much from in the past few years.

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The Shopping Diaries: June & July

I wrote my first instalment of the shopping diaries back in May time and it seemed to go down really well so I thought I’d share another as I’ve made a few purchases over the last couple of months. I’ve never been one to share hauls as sometimes sharing things for sharings sake can feel a little pointless for me. But, what I love about these posts is that I can explain a little more about the purchases that I’ve been making as well as a few thoughts on the item themselves just incase they're also something you're interested in.

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The Areas Of My Life Where I'm Trying To Be More Sustainable

There are parts my lives I feel I’m doing really well in terms of sustainability but there are others where I’m falling behind a little. I know there is a huge buzz around being eco-friendly at the moment (which is great as it's incredibly important) but it can lead to people not feeling like they’re doing enough or perfect but I’m not sure that is something that exists when it comes to being kinder to our planet. Despite what some might say small changes do make a big difference and if all make the small changes that are feasible to us then that’s when big changes will happen and these are all the areas that I’m trying to make a change with right now.

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Why It's So Important To Protect Your Mental Health Online

When I began my blogging journey 8 years ago I never imagined that it would have a negative effect on my mental health. It was such a positive and joyous place to share my thoughts on whatever I was loving at the time and it’s not until recent years have I realised how important it is to protect your mental health online whether you’re a content creator or someone who consumes online content. You can’t move for posts and articles all about how the online world is so damaging for our self-esteem but what those posts always forget to mention is how much good the internet can do for people. I know there are certainly things that I struggle with but there are plenty more that I have to be grateful for and this is how I protect my mental health online.

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