Let's talk about the nitty gritty details of running a blog. 

Products featured on From Roses

All items that are marked with a '*' have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company. I will only accept and feature items that are in keeping with my blog. On the rare occasion that a post contains all gifted items please rest assured that it isn't sponsored. All sponsored and collaborative posts are clearly marked. I try to keep my posts as fair and professional as I can if I do not like a product I will state that I didn't find it suitable for myself but that does not mean it's bad or won't work for you. Please bear in mind that blogs are a matter of opinion at the time, not fact.  

Sponsored Content

From time to time I will do sponsored content, I will only ever take on work if it's suitable for me and From Roses. All sponsored posts are clearly stated at the top or bottom of the post, or both. 


All images unless stated or obvious are mine meaning the I own all rights to them. If you would like to use my images on your website please let me know and I will be happy to let you use them as long as I am credited in full. Please do not take my images and state them as your own. 


I use Skimlinks and Shopsense to create revenue. Here is more information on that: 

“This site earns revenue using Skimlinks. In the interests of disclosure and ethics, we want to be open about how we make money from our site. Besides display advertising and other paid sponsorships, we also sometimes get paid a commission if you purchase a product or service that we link to in our content. We want to be clear that our reviews are driven entirely by our editorial staff based on what we think. We use Skimlinks to help us automate the process of linking to products, especially as it distances our editorial staff from creating affiliate links themselves.”


I offer advertising packages for other bloggers and small businesses which you can find more information on here. Since January 2015 I've been signed to Mode Media who run a small advertisement on my website. If you do not like seeing advertisements, you can install an ad blocker on your internet browser.