How To Keep Your Hounds Cool In The Heat


If you live in the UK then you obviously will be aware that we're having a serious heatwave. And whilst it's glorious for us humans it's not too fun for our beloved dogs so I thought today I'd share an easy guide to keeping your hounds cool in a heatwave.

  • Don't walk your dogs between 10.30am-6pm and when on a walk always take plenty of water and make sure the pavement is cool enough to put your feet on without shoes. If it isn't then it's too hot for your dogs feet. You can buy dog boots to be extra careful of your dogs pads. 
  • Change their water throughout the day and put more than one bowl out so they're never far away from water. 
  • If you have a long haired pup make sure their fur has been clipped to ease the heat for them and maybe invest in a cool mat for them. 
  • Create treat ice cubes with frozen yoghurt, banana or peanut butter with their favourite treats inside to keep them cool.
  • Or treat them to a doggy ice cream. 
  • Never, ever leave your dog in the car and be careful taking your dog out in the car in general. 
  • Check your dogs paws when they've been outside to make sure their pads are ok. 
  • If your pup has a short snout then be even more careful when exercising at any point, whether that be early morning or evening. 
  • On the days it's too hot for a walk try and keep your dog as stimulated as possible with games indoors. Things like snuffle mats are so good for this and a paddling pool might be great fun if they love water. 
  • If your dog is a fan of swimming then make the most of it during hot days but make sure to wash them clean of any algae and check the water looks ok before letting them in. Always be sure to wash off any salt water and sand that could dry out your pups fur. 
  • Even if your dog has short hair make sure they're groomed so they're not attracting flies and nothing nasty is laying eggs in their fur. 
  • Dogs can get sunburn, especially if they have light fur or patches of very thin fur. You can get a non toxic SPF for them for when they are out in the sun. 

what are your tips for keeping dogs safe in the sun?