In Defence Of Dogs Wearing Jumpers


As we’re now officially in Autumn that means we’re pulling out the girl's jumpers once again which means the comments about dogs not needing a jumper are thrown our way at least once a walk. Any sighthound owner will know how important good outerwear is for these dogs and how old those remarks from others get so I thought today I’d explain and defend why we and so many others put their hounds in jumpers.



I’m sure we’ve all probably been told ‘your dog doesn’t need a coat, it’s got fur’. And whilst this statement is true that doesn’t always mean that their fur is that good at keeping them warm, Edie especially has very fine short fur that is more like fuzz and there is no question about it she needs a coat. Not only do most sighthounds have a very fine layer of fur but they have very little body fat which doesn’t provide much insulation for them as you can imagine. It only needs to be a windy 15-degree day and you’ll see a hounds back legs start to shake, especially if you’re sat down outside with them and anything less than 12 degrees you definitely need a little jumper or coat for them. With the right type of outerwear, it means Josie and Edie can enjoy their walks throughout the colder months and that’s so important. Unless it’s raining all day we go out every day to make sure they get their daily exercise and sniffs.


Whippets, Italian greyhounds, and greyhounds are known for having very thin skin (often described like paper) and obviously, because of their fine coat that offers up absolutely no protection which means cut and scrapes are something you have to be careful with. Whilst summer is a beautiful season not being able to put that extra layer on the girls it means we do get a lot of more cuts and grazes from them zooming around full speed. Thankfully we've not had to deal with anything too serious but it is a concern of ours. Once the colder months do roll around and they’re back wearing their fleeces it gives us a little more peace of mind when they’re running around and wrestling like kangaroos as they’re a little more protected if anything negative bad were to happen. We've seen fellow hounds suffer bites from other dogs and their fleeces have lessened the blow of their teeth.

COMFORT & practicality

As Josie and Edie are still young and like to run around like maniacs comfort and practicality is key when it comes to their outerwear. Which is why day to day I prefer them to wear their Redhound For Dogs jumpers rather than a traditional hound coat, as adorable as they look in them their jumpers are just a little more practical for the majority of our walks. These jumpers are not at all restrictive so they have full mobility when they run as well as protecting their delicate tummies from any long sharp grass or mud. The long necks are brilliant for pulling up over the ears on a chilly day or rolling down to create a chic but super snug roll neck, and if you have hounds who are a fan of bitey neck then they’re also great protection during that game. And even though it’s a habit I wish they didn’t have when they roll in something stinky like fox poo or a dead rodent washing a jumper is far easier than ever washing them as they’re both bath haters.

Rebecca WarrinerJosie & Edie