Our Favourites in Hound Fashion


Probably one of my favourite things about owning a hound is that you have to put them in coats in the colder months. Due to the fact that they such little body fat and a high percentage of muscle it means that they get cold very easily. My girls live in their jumpers and coats all year round as we live in the UK and the weather is so unpredictable. When we first got Josie we had no idea where to start with coats and jumpers and what was good and what wasn't so I thought I'd share some of our favourites in hound fashion with you today.


  • Woodland Dog Coats: A new affordable brand on my radar is Woodland Dog Coats. I picked Josie up one of their beautiful burgundy rain mac style coats for the summer. It's really lightweight but it keeps the rain off her which is exactly what you need when it's a little cold and drizzly. It's perfect not only for the British Summer but also in the real cold months as we'll be able to pop this over a fleece as a waterproof layer for her. There are a couple of other coats from the brand that I've gazing at including a green waxed coat and a sherpa lined grey number which would keep her lovely and snug. The only downside is that the customer service is quite poor which is a real shame for an independent business. me. 
  • Fetch & Follow*: A brand that has been incredibly supportive of Josie is Fetch & Follow. And their raincoat is something that we've always loved as it kept Josie seriously snug and warm but now she's a little bigger we can pass it down to Edie as it will fit her perfectly once she grows a bit. It's sherpa lined which really helps keep the warmth in and it's waxed cotton which means it's can shield your pup against the rain which is perfect. We also have a Fetch & Follow sweater for Edie and it's a lovely thick soft cotton that's ideal for the weather right now. It takes a little bit of the chill off without wrapping her up in loads and loads of layers.
  • Sofa Dog Wear: A jumper that I picked up for Josie for her first birthday is the Kevin jumper from Sofa Dog Wear. I've seen a lot of sighthounds wearing them on Instagram and even in the snow, they look super snug and warm. It's my favourite jumper that she owns as she's got a full range of motion in her arms which I think she prefers. The teal shade looks absolutely beautiful against her fur and the neck is really long which means this will be a wonderful jumper to go underneath coats in the winter. This jumper has gone a little bobbly but I could easily sort that out with a little debobbler. Considering this item came from another country it came surprisingly quickly and the customer service of the brand is absolutely fantastic.
  • Redhound For Dogs: Possibly one of the most loved brands for hounds is Redhound For Dogs and it's with good reason. It's run by a lovely lady called Debbie who has two beautiful hounds, George and Winnie. Edie is currently using a Redhound fleece which is keeping her lovely and snug when the weather is a little cooler and it's perfect worn alone or underneath a thicker coat. We're currently trying to decide what colour to get for Josie, it's a contest between a dark green or duck egg. We're yet to invest in one of Debbie's absolutely stunning coats but if you've not seen them, they truly beautiful. Another lovely product from Redhound is their snoods which is such a good idea for underneath more traditional coats that don't have collars. As we all know hounds have swan-like necks that tend to get a little chilly. 
  • Equafleece: An Equafleece was one of the first things that we bought for Josie in Autumn and it's been such a staple for us. It not only keeps her incredibly warm, protected from any brambles but it also keeps her dry too which is key in the winter. They're incredibly sturdy and we've washed Josie's countless times and it's not gone bobbly or become really worn which is fantastic. Another great item for going underneath coats during the winter as a base layer and this was absolutely perfect for all the snow that we had last winter as she didn't shiver once! 


When we asked over on our Instagram what other hound owners recommended so many suggestions came in and well, we've acquired quite the shopping list ever since. So I thought I'd share some of the stores incase you also can't help but make your hounds wardrobe bigger than your own.

  • Grey T Sweaters: I remember seeing these beautiful coats on eBay last year and I'm still thinking that Josie would look absolutely incredible in a tweed one. If she was more of a hound about town kind of dog then I would buy one without a second thought but I'm not sure how well they would fair in the woodland.
  • Loko Pet Apparel: This is a store I can imagine we will be buying a lot from for Edie as she's absolutely tiny and much more like an Italian Greyhound than whippet at the moment. I absolutely adore the Boucle jumper and the little fleece vest is absolutely adorable and there are so many colours to choose from.
  • Occam London: We first spotted this on the wonderful Nimbus whippet and have been loyal followers ever since. Again, I think for Edie she would look absolutely amazing in the wool grey long-sleeved number for lead walks in the winter months.
  • The Trendy Whippet: A hound favourite and it's not hard to see why. They've just released a striped onesie and it's taking all my strength not to order one for Josie immediately as we could be matching in our stripes together. And is that not just the dream?
  • Charlies Parkers: I recently discovered this brand through Instagram and I'm absolutely obsessed with their handmade coats, they are absolutely beautiful and would look incredible on both of the dogs. I love that they're waxed as secretly I want to match my dogs to match me when I wear my Barbour jacket.

What are your favourite houndwear brands?