Shampoos For Stinky Hounds


Bathtime is a word spoken in hushed tones in our house. It’s not something either of the dogs are a fan of and thankfully it’s not something that we have to go through very often as typically they’re both pretty clean. Apart from when they roll in the dreaded stinky stuff which has to be every dog owners most hated smell. Finding the right shampoo for Josie and Edie hasn’t been simple and earlier in the year we noticed that both of them had a bad case of dandruff when the season started to change. We weren’t sure if what we were using at the time was working as well as it once did despite having a good list of ingredients so we wanted to find something that could help with that and these are all the shampoo products that not only get their coats clean but help with any flakey skin too.


nilaqua towel-off pet shampoo (gifted)

Like I said, Josie in particular hates having a bath so having something that will get any dirt or fox poo off her fur without the requirement of rinsing is ideal. You simply squirt this liquid onto your dog, rub it in and then towel it off and that’s it. Obviously, this doesn’t leave her quite as soft or smelling as fresh as she would if she had a soak but it is absolutely perfect for spot cleaning or if you were to go away with your dog and didn’t have access to a shower. This product has been an absolute lifesaver this summer and something I’d recommend to any dog owner for a quick freshen up, obviously, Josie and Edie have very fine fur so I’m not sure how well it performs with longer haired dogs but for us, it's a staple.


The dog and i soap bar

Something I’m super passionate about is finding more eco-friendly products and this is one of them and it’s been one of my greatest discoveries for the dogs. I was a little sceptical of just how good a shampoo bar would be on a dog but these handmade dog soaps from The Dog And I are absolutely fantastic and deserve all the praise they get from fellow hound owners. You use this is the same way you would a bar of soap on a human and it foams up incredibly well and then rinses beautifully too. I never expected them to lather as well as they do but it's just like using a traditional liquid soap in that respect. Both of the girl's coats feel and smell absolutely beautiful after using this and it keeps any dandruff or dry skin at bay too with the help of essential oils. I don’t think after using this I’ll be going back to regular dog shampoo anytime soon as this is just so good and kind to the planet so it’s good for everyone.


baby shampoo

This is something we have on hand as a just in case we need it as I also use it to wash my makeup brushes. When I first noticed how severe Josie’s dandruff had become earlier in the year I started to worry. She’s got a great diet with a lot of good fats and regularly has coconut and salmon oil but when the seasons changed she seems to get flaky skin. I don’t think this year it was aided by a shampoo that despite great ingredients just didn’t seem to agree with her anymore. After asking on Instagram what people suggested the vast majority said baby shampoo is their go-to and is the only thing that doesn’t make their skin and coat flake so I decided to give it a go. This instantly got rid of Josie’s dandruff and we’ve kept it at bay with The Dog and I shampoo bar. To be honest I couldn’t believe how well it had worked and even though it’s not what we use now as I prefer something a little more natural it’s something that I would suggest if you’re really struggling with your dog's coat like we were.

what shampoo do you recommend for your dog?

Rebecca WarrinerJosie & Edie