Weird Things People Say To Whippet Owners


In the past couple of years I’ve had all sorts of weird things to say to me about Josie and Edie, things I never thought I’d hear from another human if I’m honest. And I think these are that every hound owner can relate to and these are some of the best…

  • Your dogs too skinny, do you not feed it?

  • Is your dog ill? Why it is so thin?

  • Eughhhhh look at that skinny dog.

  • I could never have a dog that skinny, I feel like it’s cruel.

  • Oh they’re fast aren’t they.

  • Don’t they need hours of exercise every day?

  • Why don’t you race them? You can’t have a dog like that and not race them.

  • Do you not hunt with them? Bet they’re great at catching rabbits.

  • I bet I could win a race with your dog (said by many a cyclist)

  • Dogs don’t need jumpers, it’s mean to put them in jumpers.

  • Oh look at them shivering, well they are so skinny aren’t they.

  • Your dog will think my dog is a cat, rabbit, hamster.

  • I bet they aren’t cuddly at all…insert millions of photographs of hounds snuggling here.

  • They’re quite weird looking aren’t they really.

  • Look at them playing, they’re so vicious (sighthound bitey face is not for the faint hearted)

  • It’s not fair to let your dog run around at that speed.

    and many, many more. What weird things have you had said to you about your dog?