Welcome To The Adventures Of Josie & Edie

As a full-time blogger as well as dog mama, I'm all too aware how special the internet can be and you can forge some incredible friendships in the online space. After I created Josie her own Instagram account after umming and ahhing about it for months, I always thought it was a little bit silly and unnecessary but as soon as I decided to give it a go I instantly saw the appeal. I got to connect with so many lovely dog owners and learn even more about her breed which I would have never known about otherwise. Talking to other dog owners when out and about on a walk is something that I absolutely love so when the idea popped into my head to create the dogs a proper online space to expand and open up those conversations it seemed almost obvious.

The Adventures of Josie & Edie is going to be an online space dedicated not only to their adventures with their friends in the Nottinghamshire countryside but a plethora of other things too. From what we feed them to what we dress them to even what toys we've found to be the best. If you own or know someone with a sighthound you will know they're not your typical dog and they have plenty of strange little quirks which is what makes them so special.  Without the support of dog owners, I wouldn't have the relationship that I have with my pups today and I hope this is what this online space can become for many others.  

Love &  snoot boops,

Rebecca, Josie and Edie