Whippet Approved Sleeping Quarters


If you're not familiar with the world of whippets or sighthounds in general. Then you might not know just how lazy they are and how much time they spend in their bed of choice. I often get asked what beds (yes, they have more than one) the girls have so I thought I'd share the best that we've ever found and which ones have the whippet snoot of approval.


ivy & duke bed*

This beautiful duck egg chevron bed was kindly gifted to us and it's absolutely perfect for both of the whippies. It's absolutely huge with a deep middle and built up sides which is something that Josie in particular loves. It's made out of memory foam and is incredibly comfortable and padded which we all know slender long dogs need as they've not got much of their own cushioning. We have the medium size of this bed and it comfortably fits two whippets or a whippet and a 5'5 human so it would be perfect for a Greyhound or Saluki. The removable memory foam pad is ideal too as it means you can take it on the go if you needed to, which is probably what we'll do if we go away and can't take the entire bed with us. The covers are removable which is something we've learned is incredibly important and it's super easy to clean up especially if you get a light colour. The Duke & Ivy beds are certainly pricey but I can't imagine needing to replace this anytime soon making it well worth the investment. 


cosy cave bed 

You might have spotted the pups in their little grey cave bed and it's something that I know many sighthounds would love, we call it the bat cave for good reason. It's from a company called Paws Home Comforts and we have the medium sized bed, it was bought before Edie came into our lives otherwise we would have got a bigger size. It's incredibly soft and cosy, the little cave function works perfectly for keeping the pups warm as they can really snuggle into it. It's very similar to the Charley Chau beds but round and much more affordable! Again, this is one that you can take the cover off and give it a good wash which is an option we all need when the winter months roll around again. What I really like about this bed is that it doesn't take up loads of room which is ideal if you don't have a huge living space. 

the human bed

You're either a person who likes to have your dog in bed with you or you're not. My boyfriend and I most definitely are people who love nothing more to cuddle the whippies in bed and I don't think that will change for a long time. When my boyfriend is away on tour there is nothing better than having two whippets to keep me company and they're free hot water bottles too. The human bed is probably the most preferred bed of the whippets and you will do well to keep a whippet out...


What are your hounds preferred sleeping quarters?