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I'm Rebecca, I'm a lifestyle blogger who resides in the North Nottinghamshire countryside with my two whippets and musician boyfriend. I create content for the everyday girl who values everything from skin care, self-development & growth, style and everything else life can throw at us. From Roses was born during my time at university where I completed a First Class degree in Editorial & Advertising Photography and wanted a place to prattle on about my love for blush and all things frivolous. 7 years later this blog has grown into an established community where I discuss a little more than lipstick and cover everything from health to photography tips.


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Since welcoming Josie the whippet cross into our lives in 2017 and then when we re-homed Edie in 2018 I knew that I needed a place to talk all about them. So The Adventures of Josie & Edie is a place for all our fellow hound owners to come and talk all things dog. From what we feed them, to our favourite walk spots and even what coats we put our beloved pups in to keep them warm and dry. This passion project was born from my utter adoration of my dogs and an urge to expand on the conversations I find myself having on a near day to day basis with other hound owners.


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