10 Of The Best Smelling Beauty Products

I'm a firm believer that you're either someone who really cares about a scent in beauty products, you couldn't care less or you despise it. And as I luckily don't have any sensitivities toward scent in my products I welcome every sweet smelling aroma with open arms and it's one of my life long beauty goals to smell as much as like a cake as humanly possible. So for today's post, I've rounded up some of my all time favourite scented beauty products.  

BURT'S BEES MAMA BEE FOOT & LEG CREAM*: One of my all time favourite scents in anything whether it be food, home scents or beauty products is mint. But weirdly it's not something that's very commonly used and I've ummed and awwed about this leg cream from Burt's Bees for years but always presumed because I'm obviously not a mama I wouldn't have any use for it. But something I really struggle with is swollen legs, glamorous beauty topic, right? And I've never got to the bottom of why my legs swell up slightly but they do and it can be a little painful. And this rich cream soothes and cools stressed and tired skin right down whilst still adding nourishment to the area. I like to mix this in with my daily moisturiser as it tingles way too much when used on it's own after I've exercised and this helps my legs stay calm and happy. The rosemary & mint is such a lovely combination as it's fresh yet earthy at the same time. 

L'OCCITANCE ALMOND SHOWER OIL*: Almond is such a delicious scent when used in beauty products, I could quite happily dedicate myself to it and smell like a giant Bakewell Tart forever. Oils are always a luxury to use in your routine and a shower oil wasn't something I thought I would love as much as I do and I know whenever I really want to treat myself to some delicious bath products it will be from this range. Not only does it smell absolutely beautiful, it's a scent that stays on the skin too which is something I prefer as I hate it when you use something that smells amazing but it just fades away. In terms of formula, this is one of the best products I've used to shave with as it gives the skin an amazing slip as well as cleansing it and of course adding nourishment too.  

DAVINES OI SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER*: My hair is a sponge for scent so I try and wash it with something that I adore so it stays in my tresses for as long as possible. And there are plenty of high street scents that I love, the Garnier Ultimate Blends range is particularly lovely. But these albeit pricey beautiful hair care products smell lovely, it's what I imagine new born babies to smell like [in a dream world]. I think these are something you either love the smell of or can't stand and I definitely love it and it makes washing my hair a complete joy. And they do exactly what my hair needs after a long week and it's cleansing enough to get rid of all the build-up and grime, hydrating enough to smooth any texture issues as well as adding a small amount of lift and volume at the root.

JO MALONE DARK AMBER & GINGER LILY*: For years my all time favourite Jo Malone scent was Blackberry & Bay and whilst it's definitely still in my top 5 the dark amber & ginger lily has replaced it and all through Winter I didn't stop talking about this but it's with good reason. The amber is what makes this a deep sensual woody and musky scent whilst the lily adds that hint of freshness that I absolutely adore and can't get enough of. As it's from the cologne intense range from the brand it's got some serious staying power and whilst I don't really struggle with scent staying on my skin from JM I notice this does really stick around all day. This is a scent that you just have to smell to be able to understand the pure beauty of, it's incredibly expensive but something I believe is truly worth saving up for and they now do smaller bottles, huzzah. 

MOLECULE O2*: Whilst I don't think there should be any strict rules for when you want to use a fragrance but this scent from unusual brand Molecule is Summer in a bottle. To me, it smells exactly like a gin and tonic and the fizzy element is what makes this so beautifully fresh and in combination with all the other things we typically wear in summer like SPF, it's such a dream. It's sharp and it's got a real hint of freshness which is the perfect addition to hazy summer days and it's something that has some serious staying power too. I don't think I own a scent that's quite so long lasting as this and if you don't shower daily you can smell this a good 24 hours afterwards.

TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER: There is just something so good about the smell of coconut when it's something you're applying to the face. This primer from Too Faced is a hybrid product, it's incredibly nourishing on the complexion as well as helping to revive even the most tired skin. And I have to say the coconut scent definitely does help with that sensation. It's rare to find a primer that boosts moisture in the skin without turning it into an oil slick but this does just that and in combination with a more matte base it's a dreamy combination.

MAC & BEAUTY PIE* LIPSTICKS: I've popped these two beauty products together because they both have that beautiful vanilla scent that I just can't deny in my lip products. I always think that even if you don't like scent in any other of your beauty routine then a lip item is the one area that can always benefit from it. It just adds to the whole process of applying it as well as having a great formula having a dreamy scent that you can detect whilst applying it is just the cherry on top. Of course, it does always make it tempting to lick it off within a few seconds, though. 

TOO FACED SWEET PEACH LIP OILS*: I know I've mentioned these lip oils a lot lately but seriously I can't get enough of them and I love the smell. I know some have stated in their reviews that they find this pretty artificial and sickly but I absolutely adore it. It's a very sweet peach, much like the name suggests obviously but I don't find it too sugary sweet, it's just the right amount of scent for me. As well as the dreamy scent I love the formulation too and it makes wearing something glossy a complete joy and it's not sticky or tacky at all and is a nourishing wear on the lips that doesn't just smear away. 

YSL BASE PRODUCTS: Scent in base products is a topical issue and I can completely understand why as it can cause issues for so many which isn't ideal. I'm fortunate enough to have a complexion that isn't bothered by scent at all so I enjoy scented bases as again it just adds to the experience of using them. All YSL base products that I've ever used seem to have the same scent that I can't quite put my finger on, it's not quite sweet nor is it chemically either, it's just pleasant and it's something that strikes up an odd familiarity to me. And whilst I know that scent might not be amazing for so many things when it comes to beauty it does have the power to create nostalgia in a single pump.


  • Philip Kingsley Coconut Elastizer 
  • Antipodes Joyful Body Cream
  • Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede 
  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush 
  • Diptyque - Vanille
  • Chloe De Roses 
  • YSL Black Opium 
  • Nuxe Reve De Miel 

What are your favourite smelling beauty products?

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