11 Rapid Beauty Reviews

After having so much fun putting together my initial rapid beauty reviews post I'm returning with round two today. There's not too much makeup in this post but more of a general mix of all things beauty. So here's 11 more rapid beauty reviews for your perusal.

REDKEN PILLOW PROOF*: After seeing this pop up on a lot of blogs I thought it would be a product I'd love but I seem to be having issues with it. The point of this is to help protect the hair against breakage and damage. Unless you really thoroughly brush it through and only apply a small amount it seems to make the lengths of my hair incredibly greasy and lank. I'm hoping it might just take a few uses to really get used to. As it's everything that I like in my hair products as my tresses tend to feel dry on the ends especially in S/S. 

OGX REJUVENATING CHERRY BLOSSOM SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER*: Anything that promises volume and nourishment is something that is bound to make prick my ears up. I've professed my love for the OGX haircare range many times and the cherry blossom products are no exception. They make my hair feel thicker and fuller whilst helping with hydration and they don't weigh it down at all. 

SCRUB LOVE COCONUT COFFEE SCRUB*: Coffee scrubs have been a big revolution in my beauty routine and it's been fun to discover new brands. This scrub is a little rougher in consistency and less oily than the other scrubs that I've used. So if you really struggle with dead skin, especially on the heels, elbows and knees then it might be a great option to check out. The coconut scent is awesome as it makes you smell like a Bounty bar and of course, coconut is a classic summer scent. 

LA ROCHE POSAY SEROZINC*: This is something that I'd wanted to try for so long after hearing such incredible things. My first issue with this is that I cannot stand the aerosol packaging I think it's so wasteful. And I'm just not sure the formulation is quite right for my skin at the moment. I think if you had incredibly oily skin it would be great but it made my complexion feel tight and parched. 

CAUDALIE GRAPE WATER*: So bearing in mind that I'm not a lover of toners in aerosol bottles I do prefer this over the LRP packaging. The product inside is beautiful, it's incredibly hydrating and gives the skin a beautiful glow. 

CAUDALIE VINOSOURCE MOISTURE RECOVERY CREAM*: Even though my skin isn't typically dry and my dehydration is somewhat under control. When it comes to a PM moisturiser I love something that feels thick and comforting to the skin. As it doesn't matter if it doesn't absorb quickly as I'm just going to bed. This moisturiser is beautiful, it feels incredible on the skin and helps to repair and rebuild the complexion over time. There are different variations for different skin types too which is awesome as the formulation is divine. 

DIOR POISON GIRL*: If you're a lover of the original Dior Poison then I'd highly suggest giving this a sniff. It's got a fresher and fruitier twist to it which makes it perfect for the warmer months. Also, if you find the original Poison a little too heady or mature for your taste then this variation might be a better option. 

YOPE SOAPS*: I feel like soap might be one of the dullest things to talk about but finding something awesome to wash your makeup brushes with and wash your hands with can be tough. The Yope soaps are formulated without a lot of the chemicals that you typically find in soaps that make your hands feel tight and dry. They're awesome for washing your makeup brushes too as still get out those tough stubborn foundation stains. 

LAVERA SCRUB*: A scrub and a clarifying mask in one isn't something that I ever thought I'd like but I love this mask from Lavera. The scrub is so fine but it still feels effective at sloughing away dead skin cells. I've preferred to use this as a mask though as it's creamy and gentle in formulation. Whilst still having the ability to purify and remove any dirt and grime from deep within the pores. I feel like Lavera is a brand that doesn't get enough love in the beauty community which is a shame as their products are so affordable and great quality. 

MILLER HARRIS ETUI NOIR*: This is the night-time edition of the two new fragrances that Miller Harris just released. I can't say the day time fragrance does anything for me but the night time scent does. I find that it's woody and slightly masculine without being too heavy so it can still be worn during the day. 

YES TO GRAPEFRUIT SCRUB*: Whilst manual scrubs aren't my favourite I do love to use them when my skin needs a quick pick me up. The grapefruit really helps to brighten up the complexion without being too abrasive and make the skin feel sore. I've never tried anything from the YES line before but this was a great introduction to their products. 

HEAL GEL BODY*: This body product is expensive but if you struggle from bruising or distressed areas of skin it's something that I cannot recommend enough. It's not something that you need to use all over the body as it's far too expensive to do that but on problematic areas it works incredibly well. 

What products have you been trying recently? Have you tried any of these products?

R x

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