15 Things To Tell Yourself Everyday

Something I'm a big believer in is. Being your own best friend and cheerleader. Somedays we need a little pep talk to bring us back up so we feel like we're ready to take on the world once again. Here are some of my favourite things that you can remind yourself of on a daily basis. 

  1. You're awesome.
  2. No matter what your background you can achieve anything. 
  3. Your circumstances don't define you, you define you. 
  4. Those flaws you think you have are probably only a big deal to you. 
  5. Who you used to be doesn't matter, it's who you are today that does. 
  6. Any small step towards your dreams is worth celebrating. 
  7. You're doing a better job than you're giving yourself credit for . 
  8. There is nothing wrong with not working in your dream career, any job is one of value. 
  9. And it's ok if your dream job isn't what brings in your income. 
  10. You're never alone, no matter what. 
  11. Social media is a highlight reel of someones life, not an online diary. 
  12. The world isn't judging you as much as you might think it is. 
  13. Be grateful for everything you have. 
  14. Someone else's opinion is not your reality. 
  15. It's ok if you don't conquer everything today, you're still doing a good job. 

What do you tell yourself everyday?

R x

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