Awkward Beauty Topics

Like most who write about beauty, I tend to skim over the delicate parts of my routine. They seem too intimate to discuss online, but I always love reading posts that divulge the details. Yes, I can talk about my favourite foundations for hours on end but that is nothing compared to how I long I can natter on to my girlfriends about those awkward beauty areas. In a bid to break down those uncomfortable walls, I'm talking about them in detail today.


These little blighters are the bane of my life. For years, I didn't prepare the areas that I was shaving properly and was struck down by some that are just too disgusting to discuss. They're painful, sore and just all around nasty to deal with. By using a good exfoliator, Soap & Glory are my go to for a good scrub it helps prepare the area. After prep using a clean razor, rinsing it after every stroke and shaving in the same direction as hair growth is the best way to try and avoid them. For years I thought ingrown hair solutions were a fad but the day I picked one up it changed my shaving life. I use the Nads Ingrown Solution, whilst the name Nads will never fail to amuse me it's an awesome product. It does sting slightly, but it keeps 95% of ingrown hairs at bay and you can say goodbye to shaving rash. 


I've got more hair than your average female and having dark hair makes it even more visible. Whilst I believe there should be no shame in body hair it's my own personal desire to remove the majority of it. I've always used razors ever since I begged my mum age 12 to let me shave my legs and whilst she protested about it for months she finally let me with the help of my older sister. For my legs, underarms and bikini line I still use a razor to this day, it's just the easiest and cheapest method for me. I've used an epilator in the past and the pain was so bad I nearly cried, I don't think my skin was a fan either as it was swollen and red for almost two days after. Give me a five-hour tattoo sitting over epilating my legs any day. The best razors I've ever found are from Tesco, they're currently £2 and contain 4 sets of spare blades. 

My brows are tamed with either tweezers or waxing. I'm too lazy to get them waxed at the moment even though they need to be completely reshaped so I'm just sticking with my trusty Tweezerman's. By far the best I've ever used, they are worth the initial £12 splurge and more.  Now onto the ultimate awkward topic, peach fuzz. I say peach fuzz but in reality at some points in my life it was more of a beard after being put onto steroid medication. It's something that all girls have to deal with and for years I just bleached mine ever since a boy at school so kindly pointed it out and called me Italy for 3 years.  

Bleaching it just wasn't cutting it anymore so then I delved into the world of waxing. I went for a top lip and chin and it was a lot less painful than I imagined and the results lasted 4 weeks or so. When the hair came back it was finer than before which was great but I still wanted it gone. During my weekly shop, I spotted the Nair Facial Brush On Hair Removal and decided to give it a try, what's the worst that could happen? This isn't a product to use if you have sensitive skin, it's strong stuff. I left it on for 3 minutes which is the recommended time and my face was complete fuzz free which is awesome but very tender. My skin is stressed out and tired at the moment anyway which doesn't help matters, but I do think this was a little too much for even me. I may return to waxing or I might try threading so if you have any experience on the topic then let me know. 


The word odour alone makes me feel a little queasy, but it was the best way to describe what I'm about to talk about. I'm not a sweaty person, but I perspire obviously, especially in uncomfortably humid English summers (whey they do arrive). For years, I used traditional spray deodorants but I think we can all agree that they don't really do anything. I then moved onto roll-ons and was happy with them, but then I discovered stick formulations. There was something about the formula that put me off but once I tried them I was a complete convert. As I love the Mitchum roll-ons so much I gave their Mitchum Ultimate Women Pure Fresh Solid Deodorant a whirl. Although this probably doesn't contain the best ingredients it's everything I need, it keeps me dry all day and keeps any unpleasant odours at bay.

So from the top to the bottom, an even more unpleasant subject feet. 90% of the time, I don't wear socks and going barefoot in ballet flats especially in the summer can result in quite the stench. I wish it wasn't so but it is and that smell isn't pretty and it's even worse when you store your shoes in your wardrobe. The Scholl Shoe Spray is my best friend, it doesn't have the most amazing scent, but it kills off the unwanted ones. Whilst we're on this subject I just had to mention Soap & Glory Heel Genius, if you struggle with dry soles then this is for you. Super hydrating but doesn't leave you with greasy tootsies. 

What are you favourite awkward beauty products?

R x 

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