3 Festive Season Skincare Essentials


-post in collaboration with Bioderma-

If there is one thing the festive season isn’t always the best for, it’s my skin. Between the mountain of Quality Streets that I’m going to consume, the late nights and the ice-cold wind slapping me in the face when out with the hounds you know that isn’t the best for any complexion. Here are 3 products that are most definitely going to be giving me a helping hand at this time of year so I still feel my best.


bioderma sébium h20*

Now isn’t this a serious throwback for this blog? This is one of the first skincare items I ever used so it’s been so exciting to add it back into my routine to see how it fairs to it now as obviously your skin can change a serious amount in 6 years. For a quick refresh in a morning or in the evening before I properly wash my face a cotton wool round doused in this is great when I’m feeling a little more spotty. Which is inevitable when I eat a perhaps too many strawberry & orange creams as well as some of those delicious caramel barrels. If you’re a little more oily or have combination skin than this formulation of the classic micellar solution is a great option during this season where you more than likely don’t have the energy to stand over the sink past midnight It gets rid of anything you have on the skin (please do be careful when using around the eye area) without leaving my complexion feeling stripped or dry as even though I have oily areas I want to feel balanced rather than parched. And even though this helps my skin feel balanced when I do have a pesky white head pop up this certainly helps calm it down as they can certainly be angry when they erupt.


bioderma moisturising mask*

I’m a big, big fan of moisturising masks at this time of year and reach for them pretty often to give my skin that big boost of moisture it needs. With late nights and early mornings my skin can quickly become very tired and it shows instantly and ultimately a good nights sleep is what it needs but when that isn’t an option something that is seriously hydrating is the next best thing. There is often the worry when you have oily skin that you mustn’t use anything rich in moisture just in case it makes you even oilier but that isn’t the case at all with this. It’s thick but it still retains a very lightweight feel, almost gel-like and immediately feels comforting once applied which is something I very much need in my products once the winter months roll around. You only need to apply this for a mere 10 minutes before wiping off the excess (always a big fan of anything that doesn’t require me scrubbing at my face with a flannel to remove). I was worried that because this isn’t something you rinse that my skin might feel tacky afterwards but even using this in the AM I could apply my makeup over the top of it and enjoy my much perkier complexion. This is going to be perfect for those mornings where you feel a little rough around the edges and a little delicate to say the least.


Bioderma light moisturising care*

Often when I hear the word light I worry that it won’t actually leave my skin feeling hydrated for long enough which is key this season. No-one wants to get to 4pm and feel like their face is similar to the Sahara Desert. This feels beautiful on the skin, it's very light and gel-like in formulation which is something that even in the colder months I love in my moisturising products as if I am dealing with any breakouts I still want the area to feel comforted but hydrated. Naturally, you can use this either AM or PM to benefit from it but personally, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this on makeup-free days used underneath an SPF to create a hydrated, protected and even base. It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and happily nourished and is good underneath makeup too!


what beauty products will you be using this festive season?

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