4 Bases For Winter Skin

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Winter is a tough season for us beauty lovers. Everything changes and the products that we know and love so often don't behave like they once did. And one of the trickiest products I find to wear is foundation, which breaks my beauty lovers heart as it's my favourite product to wear by far. It completely changes how I feel about myself and boosts my confidence tenfold. Finding a base that still gives me that confidence boost as well working with my winter skin isn't an easy brief to meet but here are 4 that have worked wonders in the past and I know I'll be reaching for this season.


The whole CC cream thing always has me feeling a little doubtful. Are they ever really that good? Are they just a glorified tinted moisturiser? One that has truly stolen my heart for years is this product from Eborian. A Korean brand who does skin really well, granted the biggest downside to this is that it doesn't come in specific shades and it's a one shade fits all type of affair [totally ridiculous, I'm all too aware of that fact]. However if this product can work for you then it's beautiful, it goes on just like a mosituriser but it has balls of pigment that burst and adapt to your skin tone and leave you with a soft velvety canvas which has your imperfections covered. I either like to use this alone on good skin days or in combination with a lightweight base to create a really flawless finish. If you hate wearing base products but want the coverage this could be one for you.


As well as being a good base for the cooler months this is a great base all year round. The clue is in the name, it's a balancing foundation. Meaning that whether your skin is more oily or more dry it adapts meaning it's perfect for those of us with combination skin that changes day to day. It gives such a beautiful veil of coverage, you rarely have to conceal with this which of course, is a great time saver on these dark mornings. However, something that will set you back with time is the fact it doesn't come with a pump and is very hard to distribute. It's quick a thick liquid, even though it is very easy to blend into the skin it's a pain to get out of the bottle so investing in a pump may be a good idea. Aside from that it's a really beautiful base, reasonably priced, long lasting and the coverage is stunning. 


Now I've got a white base mixer I can't wait to be able to use this foundation as it's one of my favourites but not the easiest to use due to the shade being a smidgen too dark for me in the real cold months when my skin is at its fairest. The Great Skin Foundation from the beauty buyers club Beauty Pie is very much like Estée Lauder Double Wear, but it's not heavy and mask-like. Nor at the end of the day are you left feeling like you need to do a deep cleansing mask because of your foundation choice. It covers up absolutely everything with ease, lasts all day and gives a very skin-like finish. Which I find can work with winter skin beautifully as it feels soft and comforting but it doesn't give that dew to the skin that some don't favour. If you love the coverage that DW gives you but not how it feels on the skin this is well worth looking into.


This is the latest base to join my winter skin base brigade after falling in love with it earlier in the year. It's something that I've come back to time and time again and I'm always thrilled with the finish whenever I wear it. The formulation isn't anything mind-blowing but if the end result is so superb who needs all that fancy technology that more than likely does nothing? It's a medium coverage that is so easy to build up to whatever finish you desire but it never looks or feels heavy on the complexion. And it's one that works so well when my skin is a little drier which of course, is the main problem when it comes to wearing foundation in the cooler months. And one of the greatest things about this base is that it comes from a range with a huge array of shades to choose from. Making it something that is accessible to so many, there are over 40 shades to choose from which is incredible


What are your favourite winter bases?

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