4 Books To Read When You're Beauty Obsessed

Blogs will always be my first love and my go-to when it comes to reading about makeup and skincare. But I have a huge soft spot for beauty literature in paper form. How I've never shared my most loved beauty books on this blog is beyond me as they are two of the greatest pleasures in my life. So here is a quick round-up of 4 of my favourites. 

LAUREN CONRAD - BEAUTY:  This was the first beauty book that I ever read and I was completely enamoured. It gives such an amazing insight to the world of makeup and skincare, from the basics to more complex aspects like skin mapping. Which is something that is something that I wholeheartedly believe and find absolutely fascinating. Of course, as LC is one of my biggest girl crushes I absolutely love the step by step guides on how to achieve her signature everyday look. And there are plenty of other tutorials that are just as stunning and actually achievable for the everyday girl. This is the one the best books to read if you're just starting to learn about beauty as it really breaks down complex jargon in a way we can all understand.

EAT PRETTY - JOLENE HART: Whilst this isn't your typical beauty read it's an awesome one. Food is something that absolutely fascinates me and for so long I just thought of it as something that sustained us and we needed it to live [which it is] but I never really thought about the benefits of certain foods. Eat Pretty is a book all about the foods that not only makes your insides feel wonderful but they can have a pretty great effect on your exterior too. Often books on diet or nutrition can be pretty jarring and often patronising and let's be honest who really learns much when they feel like they're being spoken down to? EP breaks down complex and confusing scientific data and makes it super simple to process and understand. It not only contains facts on the foods that we can incorporate into our diet but there are a tonne of recipes too. 

SALI HUGHES - PRETTY HONEST: I've mentioned this book so many times that I feel like I've made my feelings towards it pretty obvious. I could probably write an entire ode to Sali Hughes as I absolutely adore her approach to every topic in beauty and her honesty that goes alongside it. Like Lauren Conrad - Beauty this is a wonderful book for beginners as well as people who love the subject but don't want to have to wade through the complex boring jargon that is traditionally found in beauty literature. For me, Pretty Honest is my beauty bible and it's something that I find myself coming back to on a nearly weekly basis. As it's so good to dip in and out of as it's not something that you need to read continuously to enjoy. 

SALI HUGHES - PRETTY ICONIC: The latest addition to my join my beauty book arsenal and the whole inspiration behind putting this post together. This is a lot different to Pretty Honest as that's more of a beginners guide to beauty as well as some more in-depth detailed chapters on the topic. But, Pretty Iconic is a record 200 beauty products that have changed the industry and the world. With chapters like the icons and the game changers you know you're in for a truly wonderful and nostalgic read. The way that Sali writes about products is completely magical and the intricate way she describes her memories of them is just simply amazing. I'd highly suggest any beauty lover pop this on their Christmas list as I've not been able to put it down. 

What are your favourite beauty books?

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