4 Foundations That Can Transition You To Warmer Climates


Ok, so we've had a lot false starts to spring already making it hard to believe it might actually be on the horizon but I think it is. This week the sun has shone twice, so you know bikini season is on its way. I jest of course but still, I do think it might be getting warmer as dog walks haven't felt quite as painful as they have done in recent months and the fact it hasn't snowed is wonderful. And as much as I adore the transition of the seasons my skin does not share the same sentiment and it always freaks out and doesn't quite know how to behave. Which can make wearing makeup pretty tricky but here are the bases that work beautifully and always flatter my skin even when it is freaking out.



I'm not much of a tinted moisturiser girl, there are a good few in my collection that I really enjoy and use but in general, I'm a foundation girl. It's just what my comfort level is, even when I don't have any blemishes I still like to have that little bit more coverage. This is one of the most lightweight bases I own but it's so beautiful on the skin, so hydrating and silky but it doesn't turn into an oil slick even on a complexion that is prone to a natural glow. As it's a water based foundation you have to make sure that you properly shake it up otherwise it won't mesh together and will not leave a desirable finish on the skin. It provides a smooth and even veil of coverage which can be build up easily in the areas that you may need the extra coverage and it's very much like a second skin. Due to it being water based I don't find it to last amazingly well and if you are more oily you will certainly need the addition of a primer and possibly a powder too. But other than that, it's a truly delightful base and one that can really work throughout all the seasons. It also says you can use this on your body, I'm yet to do that but it may be good if you really struggle with discolouration on your limbs. It's something I may try on my legs as I really struggle with dark veins and they're always bruised for Josie forgetting to break on a walk. 


This foundation certainly has a cult following in the beauty world and it's easy to understand why once you get to grips with how to use it. Mineral foundations aren't the easiest thing to use and for so long I just didn't understand how they worked. So before I tell you why I adore this foundation so much here is a little guide to using it;

  1. Use a brush that is fluffy enough to pick up the powder but it needs to be dense enough to keep the product on.
  2. Tip a small amount of powder into the lid.
  3. Swirl your brush in the powder and warm up the product.
  4. Then apply to the skin in the same type of swirling motions. 

Applying the product to the skin in this manner leaves the most beautiful velvety finish on the skin and even though it's a powder I still find that this leaves a good glow to the complexion. Although this is a mineral foundation and can be used  completely alone I prefer to use this combination with a tinted moisturiser or a really lightweight base like the Make Up For Ever Water Base*. I use it not only to layer up the coverage but to set everything into place and it keeps my base looking perfected all day. This is one of those wonderful products that you can use when you need to top up your base or freshen it up but don't have a lot of time. One of my biggest fears with these products is that they might make my complexion look dull and dry but that isn't the case with this as it doesn't contain any talc. 

Price: £27 @Boots

Shade range: 30 [a great shade range, a lot of Caucasian shades but there is a lot of variance across the spectrum] 



For a good 5 years or so, this has been my favourite lightweight base. I still remember the day that I discovered it and upon first application I was in love, serious head over heels love. It was like I was applying a good nights sleep to my complexion and I've still not met a foundation that can beat this in terms of glow. Since that initial application, they have changed the formulation to add a little more coverage and help it stay around longer but it still provides that effortless glow that we've come to expect. Whenever my skin is acting up in terms of texture then this is one that I really like to reach for as it makes the complexion look a lot healthier than it actually is and it stays around for a good amount of time despite the nourishing formulation. Due to it's more lightweight consistency you probably won't want to reach for this if you have a lot of blemishes even though it can be built up in the areas that you need the extra coverage. Not only are the results of this absolutely beautiful but in general, the whole thing is a complete dream. Everything is so well considered from the packaging to the formula. The only downside to this base is that it is scented so if that's something that you're either sensitive to or in general, not a fan of then this may not work for you.  

Price: £33 @Boots

Shade range: 22 [quite varied and a good amount of choice depending on your skins undertone] 


This has been my go-to base as of late as it's the only foundation that really suits the colour of my complexion. Every time I go back to this base I forget just how good it is and it's the most full coverage option in this lineup. Much like the name suggests, it's very silky on the skin, the consistency is quite thick and creamy but it's incredibly easy to blend in. It can work whether your skin might be feeling a little dehydrated by adding moisture and then if it's feeling a little oily then it keeps things in check and balanced which is something I strive for in my base products. Like I said, this has the most coverage out of all these bases I have to share with you today and it's a solid medium that can be easily built up, it never cakes up on the skin and has a great wear time. Although I absolutely adore this foundation something that I cannot stand is the way that it's packaged. In fact, this goes out to all foundations, yes, including you Nars Sheer Glow that do not have a pump, WHY? It drives me absolutely crazy that in 2018 and all the feedback that beauty brands receive that they still produce base products without something as important as a pump. This foundation gets so messy and I've resorted to using an old makeup brush to getting the product out which really isn't ideal and I'll never be able to use all of this up. I'm sure there are pumps out there that you could buy to fit this but I really do feel that they should provide one, especially when the foundation costs over £20.

Price: £25 @Boots

Shade range: 18 [no where near enough dark shades in this range which is a problem] 


What are your favourite foundations to transition you through the seasons?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty