4 Non-Negotiable Beauty Products & My Favourites Right Now


Beauty is something, in general, I tend not to negotiate in my life. Of course, it's never a necessity but it's something that I absolutely adore and it's something I consider part of my whole self-care routine. And even when it wasn't a part of how I made my living it's something that I've felt always felt so passionate about. It goes so much further than the way that we look and it's all about the way that we feel about ourselves and a good beauty routine can work wonders for our minds. So here are the elements of my beauty routine that are totally non-negotiable and a few favourites right now.


Even though my skin is much better than it used to be it's certainly something I am a little self-conscious of. And spots are a rarity and the scars have faded but it's still pretty lack lustre most days and I like a good base to not only boost luminosity but to give me a smooth and flawless complexion. There are lightweight bases out there that I love but I definitely prefer something with a medium coverage that feels kind and comforting to the skin. I hate that feeling when you apply a base and it can feel tight and dry on the skin as even though my complexion is a little oily it's very dehydrated so I crave that comfort from my base products. I typically get this from my primer and a separate moisturiser and create what I like to think of as a moisture sandwich. 



LAURA GELLER HYDRATING SPACKLE PRIMER*: The Laura Geller original spackle primer is something that holds a cult status in the beauty world. I've never tried the original but I've been testing out the hydrating version and thoroughly enjoying it. It creates a smooth even canvas that is perfect for makeup to be applied over the top and keeps it looking fresh all day allowing any product to wear evenly. As well as creating a smooth and even base it also has moisturising properties so if you want to skip a separate moisturiser you more than likely could. But it's not something that pills and balls up when used in combination with a dedicated moisturiser.

BECCA ULTIMATE COVERAGE CREME FOUNDATION*: Whenever I test out a cream foundation I can't help but think about my much loved but sadly discontinued Laura Mercier Silk Creme and I think I've found something to really rival my love for that. This is an oil free full coverage base that boasts that it's almost like a second skin when applied and it really is. It covers up absolutely everything but my skin doesn't feel heavy at all and even though it's oil free it doesn't feel like it's sucking the moisture out of my skin. It lasts all day and still looks as good as it did when first applied even many hours later. 


Blush is something that I've always gone for over any other cheek product as I find it not only suits my complexion the most but it's also something that wakes up my skin instantly. I've never loved bronzer all that much so always preferred blush and when I discovered the world of dusky pink blushes it was pretty life changing. Very dramatic I know and even though I'd always loved something a little rosy there is something just so good about something that is dirty pink but with a brown undertone as it's sculpting to the skin as well as adding that pop of colour.



STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR IN PEONY*: I try to change up my blush fairly often just so everything is being used up but one that I keep on gravitating back towards this summer is the Stila Convertible Colour in Peony. If you've been reading this blog for a long time you will know how much I absolutely adore the CC's and how fuss-free they are to use. They make using cream products such a dream as you can use your finger to pop the product on the cheek and then blend upwards and out within a few seconds. The shade Peony is absolutely perfect if you want something that can be transitioned all year-round as it's a dusky pink with a slightly brown undertone which sculpts the skin perfectly whilst adding a fresh healthy glow. 


Even though I've been a little braver lately with my eyeshadow choice nothing will ever beat a champagne eye for me. It's not the most exciting option by any means but it works every time without fail and you never have to worry about it clashing with anything else you might apply to your face. So often I find darker shadows can make me look a little tired but a champagne offering always perks my complexion up. 



STILA KITTEN ALL OVER SHIMMER DUO*: Technically this little duo isn't even an eyeshadow but I've been using it as one anyway as the shades are perfect. They're so buttery soft but they've got an incredible staying power and even without a primer underneath they don't crease or smudge. The Kitten duo is made up of two shades, one vanilla shimmer and then a more peachy shimmer, you can use them together for the perfect champagne which is what I've mostly been doing and can't get enough of. So fuss free and easy to use but they still have that really beautiful sheen to them.


Most people say brows are the things that they can't go without but fortunately my brows are quite dark so they can be left alone if required. But something I never like to be without is mascara as my lashes are quite light and I find unless I layer on a mascara then I tend to look quite tired. And even if I'm not wearing any other makeup I still like to reach for one as it makes such a big difference to the way I look.


MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL*: I could mention the YSL The Shock mascara here but as that seems to have become completely unusable within 3 months it's not really worth talking about no matter what it does to my lashes. The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, on the other hand, is well worth mentioning and it's an old favourite of mine that I've gone back to. It adds lift, length, separation and volume but most importantly it doesn't smudge or smear. You would think that it's a waterproof formula with how well it lasts on the lashes but it isn't and it's so easy to wipe away at the end of the day. Mascara is never something I think you need to spend a lot of money on even though there are some dreamy high-end options out there it's not something you can ever keep for that long and if you ever get an infection you have to throw it away.


What are your non negotiable beauty products?

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