4 Things That Really Make Fine Hair Thicker & Aren't Stupidly Expensive


We all know that I have fine hair by now, in fact, I'm sure everyone is fed up of hearing about it. But it's something that I don't find people talk about all that often and this year has been rough for me and my tresses. I noticed in March that my hair was falling out, not so much that I'd be bald within in the week but still a little concerning and whilst it is still coming out it's nowhere near as bad as it was so my already fine hair is now even thinner. So I've really been pulling out the stops when it comes to making my hair look thicker and judging by the rare pictures that I take of myself I'm not doing too badly. Here are some of the most effective products and other elements to consider when it comes to making thin hair look thicker.  


Roll back a year, I had really long hair and it was something that I'd wanted for my entire life but I have to admit having super long hair when you struggle with thickness probably isn't the best idea. I slowly started to get my hair cut shorter and shorter in December 2016 and have been going shorter each time I get it cut and it's worked wonders for me. Of course, it's not just the length or your hair it is also the style and I get mine cut into a very blunt choppy almost lob. Not having a tonne of layers in it is what makes it feel so much better but I do still need a few so it's not mop-like. As well as the general cut of my hair I also have to make sure I keep on top of cuts, there was a point where I hadn't had my hair cut in almost a year because I was growing it out and didn't want to lose the length. But I know that wasn't doing me any favours and having regular trims makes a huge difference, when you want your hair a certain length it's so tempting to skip cuts. But there is a reason why we're told time and time again about the difference that they make and that's because they do. Every time I go too long in-between cuts my hair always looks so lank and lifeless which the last thing you want with already fine hair.


Just like when it comes to our skincare routine we have to take good care of ourselves with things like diet and lifestyle as they both have an effect on our hair. I know when I'm run down, stressed, tired, not eating well and a number of other things that it has a knock on effect. And there are a number of reasons why your hair can struggle with growth and fall out and here are a few of them;

  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Weight loss 
  • Disease 
  • Lack of protein 
  • Anemia 
  • Medication
  • Health
  • Family hair history 
  • Skin disorders
  • Hairstyles [constantly pulling at your hair]
  • A vitamin deficiency 


I've told the story of me going from being a daily hair washer to a once every 5-days washer many many times and I know by doing this it allowed my hair to grow and become more voluminous. There are so many reasons not to wash daily and even though it might feel a little gross and weird at first it does work wonders. The key when building up from being a daily hair washer is to start slow, so for me, I started with skipping a day. I did that for a few months and then I'd go another day and do that for a few more months and so on. There are so many ways you can make skipping washing feel easier too like wearing your hair up so you're not tempted to play with it which only adds to the grease and then, of course, you can give things a little freshen up with dry shampoo but that's not something I like to do just because it causes build up in the long run. Retraining your hair to go against what it's been used to for many years is a tough process but it is doable and it makes a huge difference.


This is probably what is of most interest to many of us and whenever I see products that promise volume I am always keen to try them out and over the years there are so many things that I've tried. Some expensive and some on the real budget end of the spectrum and it's hard to tell what really works. Typically I don't care to spend a huge amount on hair care but I don't mind spending a little bit and a brand I really like that sit perfectly in the middle in terms of price is OGX. Over the years I've tried pretty much everything from the line and without a doubt one of the best is the Bamboo Fiber-Full line*. I use the shampoo, conditioner and the root booster and they not only give me lift at the root but it adds a lot of volume and weight too which is what I need. It doesn't make the hair feel heavy at all or greasy and even though it's main aim is to add thickness it does still inject hydration. Our washing routine is something that is very personal to us and what works for one won't work for all so it does take a lot of trial error but in general, I find the OGX line incredibly effective. As well as OGX, Salon Science* is another brand that does wonderful things to my hair and it's budget friendly. It doesn't do as much in terms of volume but it makes my hair feel and look so much thicker which is what I want from my washing system as I can add lift with styling products. 


What are your favourite things to do for fine hair?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty