5 Awesome Things To Do In December & Something Exciting For You

So, Hello! I'm back, well I was back yesterday but this is the first post I'm writing after I've had a few days away from the blog and I'm so excited to return. I wasn't away for very long, infact it was only 3 days but it turns out that was all I needed to feel like myself again and hit refresh on my ideas which were the most important things. In the past week or so I've been doing some pretty awesome things and I wanted to share them with you today. As well as hopefully give you some ideas for activities to do in the festive period as we're all going to be more than likely taking some time off in the next month. 




My boyfriend and I took a very long drive [I think it was 500 miles in total that day] up the Lake District and it was truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in the UK. We went with the main goal in mind that I was photographing for the Stock Shop. But as it was right before he was due to go on his last tour for 2016 we turned it into a fun last day out together. If you're anywhere reasonably near Cumbria I highly recommend taking a drive to the lakes. The stunning scenery will without a doubt take your breath away as soon as you spot the mountains. And there are the sweetest little villages dotted around with the cutest bakeries and cafes full of cakes and pastries. Just make sure you wrap up warm as it's icy cold by the water. 

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If there ever a time to wrap yourself in a blanket burrito with a good book then it's the Christmas season. I'm not too much of a festive film lover but I am a seasonal book fanatic. Not only in the lead up to the 25th but on the day itself it's one of my all time favourite activities. Ever since I was a child and I'd open up a stack of new reads in the morning after our big family meal I'd lay on the sofa in a food coma and immerse myself in a new book and it's a tradition that has followed me through to adult life. I popped a festive reading list in September if you're after some inspiration. 

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It's been years since I visited a Christmas market but as Chatsworth Hall is reasonably local myself and my family took a visit. If you've not visited Chatsworth before it would also be the best time to visit the hall as it will be decked out beautifully for the holidays. We went to the market on a Monday and it was incredibly busy so I dread to think what it's like on a weekend. So if you're not great with crowds then bear this in mind but it was still so lovely to walk around and start to get in the festive mindset. It's dog-friendly and if you're as much of a puppy lover as I am it's absolute heaven. There is around 40 stalls in total I believe, mostly food but there were a lot of items that would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone. I'm still dreaming about the blush pink and grey socks I saw. 




I know that I always harp on about how much I love knitting and cross stitch but they're my absolute favourite things to do in my down time apart from reading and watching Netflix. And what's great about doing them at this time of year is that you might be able to give your finished pieces away as a gift for someone. Hobbycraft has some awesome little cross-stitch sets that aren't too pricey that would make beautiful gifts! 




During the last couple of months of the year, it's natural to reflect and start making plans for the fresh 12 that are ahead of us. Even though September always feels like more of a fresh start to me than January 1st ever does I still enjoy starting a new diary and calendar and leaving behind the year. I think one of the most important things to bear in mind when it comes to making plans is to make them realistic so you're not setting yourself up for failure before you've even begun. 


And finally, I'm so excited to announce that there is a new photograph bundle available in The From Roses Stock Shop. I've been working away on this one for months and I think it captures the upcoming season perfectly. In the A/W bundle, you will get; 

  • 36 high quality 1333px X 2000px jpg images that are a mixture of portrait and landscape. 

  • The bundle is a one of payment of £30, that works out at just 80p an image. 

  • Once purchased these images belong to you, they can be used and manipulated in any way you'd like. 

  • These images can be used for any digital platform like your blog, newsletter, online shop, business or e-book. However, they cannot be used for re-sale or commercial use. If you would like to use any of the images in this manner then please contact me at rebecca@fromroses.co.uk 

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What will you be doing this December?

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