5 Bloggers Who Remind Me Why I Started


Leading on from Monday’s post where I chatted all about why I think 2019 will be an awesome year to be a blogger I thought today I would share the people online who always inspire me to keep going and remind me why I started this whole blogging thing in the first place. When I first discovered the world of beauty blogging it all felt so new and magical, and even though it wasn’t new at all there was something so wonderful about it because it wasn’t really about money or the numbers. It was simply about people sharing things that they loved. And the world of blogging has changed in many so ways for the better but there are some things that I certainly miss about it from when I started but luckily there’s a handful of bloggers that balance it all perfectly and they are…

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Tenneil was one of the first people to ever comment on my blog right in its infancy and we’ve been internet pals ever since. Sadly we’ve never had the chance to meet in real life as she’s all the way over in Australia but hopefully one day we will. Her blog is something that I always love visiting, there’s no pretence or bullshit in her posts and she says exactly how she feels whatever she’s talking about beauty or what she’s been up to recently.

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Liv is someone who bridges the gap perfectly between professional blogger and someone who is still doing it because she loves it perfectly. She brings so much heart and personality to her posts whether that be on the blog, podcast with friend Charlotte or Instagram. Liv is known for her style posts and she really does have excellent style but I always look forward to her more lifestyle based posts.

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Anna, formally Vivianna Does Makeup was one of the first blogs that I ever read and truly loved. And ever since then I don’t think I’ve missed a post or a YouTube video. She rebranded a few years ago as The Anna Edit and has recently released her first book, An Edited Life. Whilst there is still a good mix of beauty on TAE there is also now the likes of style, food and a healthy dose of lifestyle content to catch up. It's doubtful that anyone reading this doesn't know who Anna is but if you don't I highly recommend checking out everything she does.

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Michelle is someone that I admire so much online, not only does she create so much content over on her blog but she also has her own brilliant copywriting business. Her content is a mixture of everything and I always look forward to her more thought-provoking pieces as she shares such a good insight into things. She recently celebrated 9 years of blogging too which is such a huge achievement.

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Carrie is someone who has inspired me for years and years. The content that she creates has some of the most beautiful imagery on the internet but the way that she writes keeps things personal and doesn’t make you feel like you’re just reading another magazine. Her recent New Years post was spot on about the anxiety that comes around when we hit January. Again, it's doubtful that you've not ventured over to Carrie's part of the internet before but if you haven't do go back through her archives as she's got a plethora of posts to make your way through.

who are your favourite bloggers? Any recommendations?

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