5 For A Quick Flawless Finish

As I've fallen in love with fuller coverage bases lately and that completely flawless look. It means I've obviously found a way to achieve a similar look without putting in a tonne of effort. We all know that I'm a bonafide lazy girl and of course that comes across to my beauty routine too. So here is a 5 step beauty edit if you want to achieve a flawless finish without all the work.


A few brands have come out with concealing and perfecting foundations lately and they're essentially a two in one product. You can use this either as a concealer or as an overall foundation which is how I've been liking to use it. It's a full coverage base which is what you would expect and the finish on the skin is a satin type of affair. If you've ever used the MAC Studio Sculpt it's very similar to that in term of finish and formulation but it's obviously much more affordable. The coverage is really fantastic and I find just one layer can conceal everything that I need it to without the need to built it up further but you can add extra coverage if needed. I'd say it's definitely for a more oily to combination skin type as if your skin was really dry then without the use of a really nourishing primer or moisturiser it might be a little drying. For a more affordable base, this behaves just as well as something high end which is always awesome.


If you want the combination of something that can add a flush of colour to the skin but can also add luminosity and life to the complexion than a baked blush is the perfect option. The Hourglass blushes are a pricey product and the Maxfactor Creme Puff Blushes are pretty much identical with their formulation and shade range but there is just a little something about the Hourglass that I prefer. The shade Mood Exposure works perfectly on a pale skin as it's slightly dusky so it adds a little bit of dimension as well as drawing attention to the cheekbones as well as of course adding a hint of colour to the skin. The formulation is so soft and finely milled meaning it sits beautifully on the complexion as I'm sure we all know the awful feeling of applying a product and it feeling uncomfortable and drying on the skin. They're a pricey beauty product but I've been using this for two years and as you can see there is still so much left. 


One wash wonder products are my usual go to anyway but this one from luxe beauty brand Burberry is truly glorious. It strays from my usual champagne tastes and is more of a taupe on the lid. It blends like an absolute dream and feels so soft and creamy on the lid but it doesn't fall down or just fade away and even without the use of a primer it stays put. The shade Pale Barley makes enough of a statement for it to be a little more eye-catching than your typical neutral shades but it's still easy enough to sweep on for day to day wear.


I think I might have finally found the solution to my sad eyebrow syndrome. This product from YSL is a tinted brow gel so it adds some colour to fill in any sparse areas that you might have but it also holds your brows in place all day. It does make your brows feel a little stiff which might not be for everyone but it's not something I mind as it means my brows stay up and fluffy all day.


Whilst I'm still not sure that the whole shake to activate thing works or not all I do know is that this is a great mascara and it comes from the high street which makes it even better. It's got a natural bristle brush which is something I really like and generally prefer as I find brushes like that provide a little more oomph and this grabs all the lashes and provides volume, separation and curl. It doesn't give a tonne of length so if that's something you really need from your mascara then this won't be for you but otherwise it's fantastic. And it doesn't smudge or flake away from the lashes either a complete winner in the mascara stakes for me.

What are your favourite products to reach for when you want a quick flawless finish?