5 For Looking Healthy Without The Highlight


The blogging world's love for a glowing complexion and a perfectly highlighted or strobed cheek seemed to peak last year to levels even I didn't think possible. And I'm not one who is really down with all the latest makeup techniques but something I'm all about is making my skin look healthy and glowing without the need for a strong highlight. A highlight is great for adding that little bit of somethin somethin to the skin but it's not always the best option for your overall complexion as it doesn't lift everything and sometimes when my entire complexion is looking drab a strong highlight can only make matters worse. So finding a way to add a healthy glow to the skin without the use of a striking highlight has been my beauty mission for years and here are my findings. 


OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*or PESTLE & MORTAR RENEW CLEANSER*: I've popped these two products together because they're very similar with what they do to the skin and have a somewhat similar ingredient list. They're both a gel to oil cleanser and feel incredible when massaged into the skin, they nourish, gently exfoliate, remove makeup with ease and can work AM & PM. Whilst there are a tonne of cleansing options that I love like a cream and milk nothing quite brightens like a gel to oil. Without fail when my skin is looking drab and lifeless I always like to reach for something like this. 

PIXI PEEL & POLISH*: Typically I reach for a chemical exfoliant to help keep on top of brightness but something I've been favouring is the Pixi Peel & Polish. There is just something about a manual exfoliant that does something a chemical can't. After cleansing you apply a thin layer to the skin, wait around 3-5 minutes and then rinse away and your complexion is not only left feeling beautifully clean but incredibly soft too. The natural fruit enzymes help to slough away any dead skin cells and the lactic acid gives you a gentle exfoliation. I like to use this a couple times a week to give on top of brightness and when used in combination with a deep clarifying mask it leaves the skin looking and feeling pretty wonderful. 


LANCOME LA BASE PRO HYDRA GLOW*: I have to say that Lancome isn't a brand that I would typically gravitate towards but I've always had a good experience with their base products and this primer has been no exception. It reminds me of a slightly more fluid version of the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch with how it performs and acts on the skin. It's moisturising but it's not at all overpowering and just helps the skin to look fresh and plump due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid rather than slippy and greasy which is typical with nourishing primers. When the skin feels nourished and balanced it allows everything else you apply to sit more comfortably and wear better and this is something that works wonderfully in combination with base products or for no makeup days. 

BAREMINERALS COMPLEXION RESCUE*: Something that's lightweight and hydrating is an obvious option when your skin is lack lustre and you want to brighten it. I've fallen completely in love with the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue, which isn't something that I liked all that much when I first used it but now I understand the hype. It's a gel tinted moisturiser so not only does it feel amazing when applied on the skin but it also adds a wonderful veil of coverage that is still good enough to distinguish anything that might be a little undesirable and covers just the right amount. Usually such light bases never stay on the skin, especially if you might have a more oily complexion but this is something that lasts surprisingly well. 

MAC LIGHTSCAPADE: When you think of a powder you typically think of something matte and subsequently flat. But there are plenty of illuminating options on the market now and one I absolutely adore the is MAC MSF in Lightscapade. A very pale pearlescent powder that has a number of different shades running through it so it seems to diffuse any discolouration in the skin as well as adding a soft focus finish. As well as adding a subtle glow it also helps to set everything in place and in combination with a natural skin like liquid foundation it's beautiful. Although sadly not one that I think could work well with deeper skin tones with is a real shame. 

What do you reach for when you want to look healthy without the use of highlighter?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty