5 High-End Bases That Are Really Worth Investing In

Years ago when the high street wasn't quite on it's A-game when it came to foundations like it is today there were a lot of reasons to shop luxury. For me, what drew me into high-end foundations the most is that I could most likely get a pretty spot on colour match and there was always a huge array of formulations where on the high street it used be matte, tinted moisturiser or nothing. As of right now, there are of course a lot of problems with the high street when it comes to foundation, especially colour ranges but it's certainly a lot better than it used to be and I'm not sure you do need to shop high end to get a good base. Personally, I like a range of foundations from both the lower end of the price scale and the high end and today I'm going to be sharing 5 of the high-end bases that I think are really worth the money.


If you're somewhat familiar with my beauty posts then you will know that the old version of this base was one of my all time favourites. It was one of the first high-end bases that I bought as well as one of the first lightweight products that I ever truly loved as having problematic skin meant that something so light was never going to be something that I gravitated towards. The newly formulated version offers up more coverage, it's not quite as dewy and isn't so heavily perfumed either. And even though it's not quite as radiant as the original it stills adds as that beautiful soft focus glow to the skin the wear time has improved. It's a base that can either be worn day to day or in an evening situation so it can see you through most of life's needs and coverage can easily be built upon. 


Having a high-end base that can work with your skin no matter what state it's in whether it's more combination, oily or dry is ideal. And that's probably the best thing to go for when choosing a high-end base because if you're making the investment then you want it to be able to meet your needs no matter what. It is a pain that this foundation doesn't come with a pump as it can be a little tricky to distribute the right amount as the formulation is a little thicker than your standard liquid foundation. Which makes it really easy to quickly blend for a flawless base without much effort but like I said not the best in terms of distribution. It's a standard medium coverage affair but the way that it veils the skin is beautiful, it's so natural but it covers blemishes and dark circles with ease. And if there is one thing that can completely counteract the fact that this base doesn't have a pump is that it's got some serious lasting power and even without a primer or powder it can stay put all day.


Another YSL option, I know but I can't deny just how dreamy their foundations are and even though they are eye wateringly expensive they're worth every penny. The Youth Liberator is a gel formulation that glides over the complexion with ease and perfects instantly. Again, it's medium coverage but can so easily be build up to hide anything you might not want on show which makes it easy to forgo concealer. The lasting power is superb and if my skin is drier or more oily it just works and adapts. The gel formulation is so forgiving and something that I think is totally underrated in the beauty world. Finally, it is scented like most YSL products are so if that's something you don't like in your bases then it's something to be aware of. 


I still remember the first day that I used this foundation and I was completely blown away. If you want a foundation that is really going to stay around all day, perfect the skin in seconds and can withstand the summer heat then this is for you. It's definitely one that's more suited towards oily skin rather than anything dry which is a shame but if you're an oily girl it's incredible. It's without a doubt one of the most flawless bases I own and one of the easiest to apply. The only issue with this foundation is the shade range is slightly lacking which is a real shame as there are so many people that this base could work for if only the shade range was more inclusive. And the packing makes it a complete dream to travel with as it's so light and there's no way it could smash. 


This isn't the typical base that I'd usually go for as it's so lightweight on the skin but that's what makes it so lovely. Although I generally prefer something a little more full coverage that doesn't mean everyone else does and so often finding a good really lightweight base can be tough. The Water Blend Foundation is beautiful on the skin and even though it is so light that doesn't mean it's completely invisible and it still offers up a soft veil of coverage. Something I really love about this base is that it can it can be used on the body too. I've been struggling with a few bruises and some odd rash on my chest that's been there since about August last year and it works a treat at covering them, so it would be perfect to use in the warmer months if you want to hide any imperfections on the body. 

What are your favourite high-end bases?

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