5 Beauty Products I Need To Use More

We all know the drill when it comes to these posts. Us beauty lovers have a serious problem with staying loyal to anything. Products are easily pushed to the back of our collection and lost. After rooting around my beauty stash whilst trying to clear it out. I noticed a few products that I have a serious love for but haven't used them enough in recent months. 

L'OREAL TRUE MATCH FOUNDATION: Every time I use this foundation after having a large break from it I forget just how good it is. It blends easily, looks natural on the skin, has great staying power and has medium buildable coverage. It's a base that is much more suited towards a more oily skin type. As on dry skin, I can imagine it could gather and just sit on top of the complexion. For a general everyday base, this is a great option. It's at the higher end of the price spectrum for high street but it's a lovely base. Because it looks so natural on the skin. I generally don't find it needs a huge amount of powder to keep it around all day. 

MAC LIGHTSCAPADE POWDER: For a long time, this was my go to powder. Then I went through a more matte base and become pretty smitten with the Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Powder*.  So it got pushed to the back of my powder stash. In combination with a more natural or matte base. This provides a beautiful almost lit from within look. As the MAC MSF's are all different, the level of shimmer can be barely detectable or be complete glitter ball. Mine has barely any shimmer or any colour in it which makes it a great setting powder. Whereas if it was more shimmery it would make for a beautiful highlight. 

REVLON LIP BUTTER IN BERRY SMOOTHIE: This was one of the first darker lip options that I ever tried and it was the best way to ease myself into more berry shades. When these lip products were first released the blogging world went pretty wild for them. With good reason, they're really lovely to wear and a great everyday option. They don't have the extra nourishment like a typical tinted balm but they feel exactly the same on the lips. If you want to wear them as a more of a stain you can blot them down for a more fuss-free lip option. 

ROSES DE CHLOE*: Please reassure me that I'm not alone with saving certain beauty products for special occasions? I rarely have anything that special to attend. So I just need to get over it and use them and this is one of those products. Whenever I talk about this perfume I always start off by saying how much I love the original Chloe. And in combination with rose, it makes for a seriously beautiful scent. It's one of those perfumes that lingers all day and often smells a lot better once it's been on the skin for a little while. 

FRESH SUGAR LIPBALM IN ROSE: I already know people will have a very confused face to see me mentioning a Fresh lip balm. I talk about those things far too much, I know but what can I say? I really love those balms. However, the shade Rose is one that goes pretty unloved out of my little collection of them. And I'm not sure why because it's such a pretty red shade. It's not something that will add a huge amount of pigmentation to the lips. Just a slight wash of colour. It's a very spring appropriate shade and it's more of poppy red instead of something deep and vampy. 

What beauty products do you need to use more?

R x

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