5 Of The Best Sources Of Beauty Inspiration

Beauty is something that I find incredibly inspiring. Once you get past all of the consumerism that surrounds it, there is something so magical about those products and how much they mean to the people that use them. And I don't think I'll ever be able to precisely put into words just how I adore the beauty world and all it's done for me. But I thought I'd share my favourite sources of inspiration with you today. 


The first and most obvious choice for beauty inspiration is the blogging world. Even though it might not be quite what it used to be and there is a lot more advertorial content being produced now. There still are real people behind those words and glossy pictures. What has always drawn me to blogs is that it's like talking to a friend about your favourite products. Whilst getting an honest and relatable review on a product at the same time. Here are a couple of my favourite blogs to visit; 

As well as blogs, I always love to scroll through Pinterest for beauty inspiration. From general images of beauty products to photographs from behind the scenes of various fashion weeks. It's all something that I find incredibly inspiring, not only for when I write about beauty but when I'm trying out different makeup looks too. 


Even though I never pick up a magazine to read the beauty reviews because they're all mostly ads and often suggest nothing I've not heard about before. I always love to look at the photography editorials in those glossy [or matte] pages. Publications like Oh Comely, Lula and Cereal are all magazines that are obviously styled. The makeup always looks a lot softer, natural and achievable. I also love finding out who has been the makeup artist on the shoot. And more often than not it's the incredible Lisa Eldridge who is a source of inspiration in herself. 


Books on the topic of beauty are never something that I thought I'd enjoy. I always presumed that they would either be quite dull or just talk about the scientific side of beauty. Which is incredibly interesting but not easy to understand at all. Books like Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest and Lauren Conrad - Beauty are two that I go back to time and time again. They break down that tough to digest beauty jargon and make everything so simple to understand so you can increase your own knowledge ten fold. 


If it was acceptable to ask complete strangers about their beauty regime I would. I think there is something so interesting about everyday women and the makeup that they wear and the skincare that they use. Or learning about how they developed a relationship with beauty products and what tips and tricks have been passed down from other ladies in their life. When I people watch [one of my favourite hobbies] I always zone in on what makeup somebody is wearing or how they've styled their hair. It's so easy to forget that there is a story behind those things and I'd always love to know it. 


The beauty community is huge on YouTube but there is one channel in particular that I just can't get enough of at the moment. My love for Sali Hughes has been well documented on this blog. But I've never shared my love for her 'In The Bathroom' series on YouTube. If you're a lover of long videos then I highly suggest giving these videos a watch, here are some of my favourites;

What are your favourite sources of beauty inspiration?

R x

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