5 Things I Regret Buying


Regret doesn't seem like the best word to use in this instance but lets be real using the title 'the things I shouldn't have bought in hindsight' isn't quite as snappy. Shopping has changed so much for me over the years, I rarely shop at the moment and it's a really good thing. I used to get the shopping itch so bad where I didn't feel happy until I'd bought something and that was such an unhealthy relationship to have with material objects. And of course, I do still love things and I will never think that is a negative thing and I'm on an ever-changing an evolving journey with how I shop but here are the things I've come to regret purchasing over the past year or so. 


adidas gazelle trainers

I wanted these trainers for SUCH a long time, I ummed and ahhed constantly over them and one Sunday I finally took the plunge and picked them up in the kid's section. Which by the way if you have feet smaller than a 5 in some styles you'll be able to find the exact same shoe in the kid's section and save yourself a lot of money as these only cost me £40ish when in the adult section they're over £70. Anyway, these trainers are super comfortable and it's not because they're not wearable or comfortable that I regret them I just don't wear them as much as I thought. And even now when I see them on other people I love how they look and they're such a simple and classic style that go with everything. But on me, I just don't love them and they don't make me feel super confident when I put them on.

brandy melville sweaters

Brandy Melville isn't a shop that I get to browse very often if ever because I'm so rarely in London. So when I was in the capital earlier in the year I took full advantage but I did purchase a couple of things I probably should have left behind. During the spring and especially when I used to frequent the gym I wore a lot of sweaters and for a long time, I really loved the two I had from the brand. But pastel pink and blue in reality don't fit into my wardrobe all that well, especially in the cooler months. It's more a bad colour choice on my end then anything else as if I had them in a grey or even a black then I would be still wearing them now. Sometimes it feels good to push yourself and try new things, especially new colours but in this instance, it was a mistake.

regetta brienna coat

I bought this coat last winter and as you can see from that really lovely image up top, it's a beautiful coat. It's so practical and if you need a good outdoors coat that doesn't cost the earth then Regatta is a great brand. But I bought this coat when I knew in the back of my mind I really wanted to invest in a Barbour so I should have just saved my money and put it towards the Barbour coat that I ended up buying a couple of months after this. In general, something I've learnt about my shopping habits is that there is no point in buying something that sort of looks like something else you really want. And saving the purchase, even when it takes a little longer is always so much more satisfying as then you get something that you really want and will wear rather than something will gather dust. 


3/4 length breton

I never thought the day would come where I would write that I regret buying a Breton. And of course, it's not the beautiful stripes but it's the cut of this one from Joules. Who are a store that I really rate for their Breton's by the way so that's not the issue. It's the fact that it has 3/4 length sleeves and that's not typically something I find myself wearing as I like the option to roll them up and down, especially in the winter months for extra warmth. It also doesn't have the traditional Breton cut on the body and it has a scooped bottom which isn't something I hate but I'd rather have something that is cut straight across as it's what I find generally a little more flattering on my body shape. I've not bought a new Breton in a while and I know that I've been eyeing up the mustard one for a long time so that might go on my list of things to buy for spring.

cheap shoes

This isn't one item in particular and more a general part of my wardrobe that I'm slowly working to update. For a long time, I bought cheap shoes because I couldn't afford anything else and I also never wore practical footwear. Yes I have worn ballet flats in the snow like an absolute fool. But at the end of last year and especially this year I've said goodbye to super cheap footwear options. Not only have my feet thanked me for it but I also feel like I've made sensible purchases that will see me through the years. Buying more investment pieces that cost a little more isn't always an option but when it is I'm definitely going to do it more. So farewell to cheap footwear, my feet will definitely not miss you. 


What wardrobe pieces do you regret?

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