5 Voluminous Hair Hacks For Sad Lifeless Locks

I've harped on about how lifeless and flat my hair is so much it's probably nearing a 3 digit number but it's my biggest beauty woe. And there are a few things that certainly help my sad tresses but lately I've discovered a few new hacks that have really helped my hair not only get volume but it's volume that stays. So obviously I had to share them for all the other girls out there who feel my pain about looking like an Afghan dog the majority of the time. 


As I've been growing my hair for a few years I've learnt that there are certain cuts and styles that can really help long fine lifeless hair in the volume department. I recently had my tresses chopped and had a lot more layers put in and a choppy blunt finish on the ends and it's helped so much. Whilst I absolutely adore pretty feathery layers on other people it's just not something that works for fine hair at all. Having a hair cut in general is something I think is pretty important for helping maintain a bouncy bonce. As when your ends are dry and dead it pulls down the rest of your hair. When you're growing your hair it's so tempting not get it cut but it's something that helps so much. 


I've made it no secret that I'm once a week hair washer and coming from being a daily washer was a difficult, long and greasy process. But one that has been well worth it, of course when it's getting to the end of the week there is no way I'm getting volume in my slightly disgusting barnet but freshly washed tresses are equally as bad for achieving any bounce. Letting your hair get a little dirty and grimy can do wonders for holding volume and texture. Of course, if you're someone who cannot stand the thought of not washing your hair a little dry shampoo or texturising spray can have a similar effect.  


Because I'm a once a week hair washer by the time it does get to washing day my tresses are pretty sad and lank and are in need of a good wash. I'm partial to a clarifying shampoo every now and again but something new I've been trying lately is the double wash. It makes my hair feel just as good and as bouncy as when I do use something clarifying but it bypasses any loss of colour [when using something colour safe of course]. 


One of my worst habits is playing with and touching my hair a lot. And by doing this am I not only transferring dirt and grime from my hands into my freshly washed tresses but I've also found it to be a big culprit for making it look flat and sad. Constantly trying to add volume into my hair with my hands is something that works for about 30 seconds and then it falls exactly how it was before. Generally leaving things alone, not brushing it too often and not twiddling the ends when I get nervous are all little things that can help on the quest for volume. 


This is a technique that I discovered by accident but it's been quite the revolution in my routine. I cannot bear to blow dry my hair and even though I know that would help to add volume it just seems unnecessary when I can air dry it. As I cannot stand the feeling of damp hair hanging around my face I clipped up the top in a very unfashionable manner and fell asleep with it like that overnight. And when I woke up and my hair was completely dry it had so much extra volume from the root. I thought it might have just been coincidence but I've been doing it with dry hair too and it's been such a simple way of getting a lot of lift at the root. 


Hair products are much like mascara to me, they're impossible to recommend but here a few that I absolutely love; 

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