6 Beauty Products That Didn't Deliver

There are always going to be those beauty products that you didn't quite get along with. It's impossible to like every single thing that you try, it doesn't mean it's bad but it just didn't work out for you. I'm going to be sharing 6 of the items that didn't quite do it for me today. Personally, I find these types of post almost as helpful as favourites. 

SCHWARZKOPF GOT2B MIND BLOWING FAST DRY HAIRSPRAY: A product that I'm weirdly fussy about is hairspray. There is so much that can go wrong with a bad choice and then your hair can be a complete disaster for the rest of the day. Schwarzkopf is always a brand I trust when it comes to haircare as their styling products are some of the best on the high street and always smell beautiful but this release was a complete miss for me. Granted, it does dry quickly like the name suggests but it doesn't hold my hair well at all. I prefer hairsprays that are a little dryer in formulation so that they add texture and grit to my otherwise very slippy tresses. 

BIODERMA SENSIBO MOISTURISER*: This moisturiser has been in my beauty stash for a little too long which is always a sign that I've not got along with something. If you wanted just a bog standard basic moisturiser then it does the job. But, it's targeted towards eliminating redness and it doesn't quite deliver in that aspect. There are so many moisturisers out there that are much better for tackling redness in the skin, however, they are a little more expensive but they perform so much better on my complexion. 

NAILS INC PORCHESTER SQUARE GEL NAIL POLISH: It pains me that I can't seem to get along with Nails Inc polishes but, they just never seem work for me. I was hoping that the gel formulation would be a little different, sadly not. The brushes are fiddly and make getting a precise finish difficult and the formulation of the polishes are never much good either. Although it's pretty much opaque in one coat they never last long enough on my nails to make up for the extra effort of the application. Nails Inc polishes are much more expensive than my preferred brand Essie so I think from now on I'll be sticking with them as their polishes actually last on my nails. 

CLARINS LIP BALM*: Normally Clarins lip products are a hit with me, but this release fell a little flat. I'm a sucker for a tinted balm as I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds, nourished lips and a pretty colour. I heard wonderful things about these balms in the blogging community so my hopes were, of course, high but they just didn't work for me. The pigmentation is a little too sheer and the hydration just isn't there. However, they do leave a pretty glossy finish to the lips so not a totally bad product. For the price, you can get so much more for your money from other brands like Burt's Bees or Fresh. 

RIMMEL EXAGGERATE LIP PENCIL: It could just be the way that this pencil has been packaged but whenever I try to apply it, without fail it will snap off. That, of course, is the biggest issue but the general quality isn't all that wonderful either. Rimmel is a brand that I love and apart from this rogue item I always absolutely adore their products. Poor packaging choice aside the formulation isn't good, it's a drying pencil that highlights every single dry patch that you have on your lips. There is no amount of lip scrub or balm that can even attempt to even out the drying formula. 

ACCESSORIZE PETROL NAIL POLISH*: The brand re-launched their beauty line last summer and in general, their nail polishes went down a treat with my nails. This shade, however, is matte and hasn't worked out well for me at all. On the whole, the matte nail trend isn't for me, I like my manicures to be as shiny as possible. I did, however, try this as I adored the shade so much but the formulation was a complete miss. It took multiple coats to become completely opaque and even then the finish was completely unflattering. Such a shame considering how pretty the shade is.  

What beauty products haven't worked out for you recently?

R x

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