6 Cliché Beauty Blogger Products That Are Worth It

I'm not sure what it is about beauty blogger cliches that I love so much but I absolutely adore them. I really like seeing all the products and brands that have a united following and I wouldn't have discovered some of my most loved items without those cliche products. So here are 6 of my favourites and the ones I think are totally deserving of the hype. 


If there is one fragrance brand that I could pin point to the beauty blogging world it would be Jo Malone without a doubt. And it was way before I actually started blogging that my love affair with the brand began, I've always gazed at the beautiful minimal bottles but never known where to start. And I guess when you first look at Jo Malone it can be a little bit of a more intimidating brand to shop from but they have some truly unique and beautiful scents on offer. Some really struggle with JM fragrances not wearing well on their skin but it's not an issue that I've ever had and I'm pretty fussy with scents and if they don't stay on my skin then I won't ever use them again. And it's just not about the dreamy scents that they offer but I find it's the way I feel when spritzing on a fragrance from Jo Malone, it's an entire experience. They are of course a high-end option although in comparison to a lot of other premium fragrances they're not too eye watering in terms of price.


I feel like the majority of us at some point will have either owned a few beauty pieces from MAC or at least tried something from the brand. When I first started really getting into beauty they were definitely the brand that I headed towards as they just offered everything. I still remember when a counter first launched in my local shopping centre and how exciting it was to be able to browse makeup in that way. For me, their base products have always fallen a little short [bar Studio Sculpt] as they don't do my skin colour any favours but their powders and eyeshadows are some of my absolute favourites. As of right now, I don't find them to be as popular as they once were when I first started blogging but their lip liners and lipsticks are always highly sought after. 


It all began with the ambient lighting powders, then the blushers came along and now we've got the point when the brand releases a palette the entire beauty blogging world looses their mind. And it's not too hard to understand why as they're without a doubt some of the most beautiful products to gaze at. When I first got my now beloved ambient lighting blusher, I was a little disappointed with the quality as it wasn't quite as outstanding as it had been made out to be by others in the blogging world. But I can't deny how utterly beautiful it looks on the skin and it's one of those items that makes you feel special as soon as you open it. Even though I still don't think they are quite worth the price it's easy to understand why the hype is there and the powders are so loved by so many. 


There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see these dreamy brushes on Instagram somewhere so it would be all too easy to presume that bloggers just like to photograph them rather than them being good quality products. And I think it's fair to say that I probably don't need to share my thoughts on these brushes again as I've featured them so often over the years that the majority of you probably already know how much I adore them. For the most part, they're the only brushes that I reach for when I wear makeup apart from a few exceptions and their kits are absolutely superb. The brush sets that they sell are an investment at first but one that is well worth it as it's rare that you can't find a use for all the brushes that are in a set. They work beautifully with any product, whether it's high-end or budget and they age incredibly well and can withstand hundreds of washes without any shedding or becoming misshapen. 


I should probably start this with a large disclaimer that I don't believe anyone should be paying over £40 on a candle at the drop of a hat because that's an obscene amount of money for something you're going to set on fire. But as a real treat to yourself or to a loved one then I don't think you can beat Diptyque, there is just something so special about their candles. From their branding to the way that their scents throw their dreamy fragrances around the room even when they're not lit I find it hard not to love. The brand doesn't just offer candles either, they also have a range of perfumes and skincare available but personally, I've always gone from their homeware scents. And I'm a pretty cynical person and not someone who is all that easily wowed but there is something so truly special about their candles. I've found that you don't even need to burn them either to enjoy their scents which is perfect as you get to keep them around for longer. 


Much like Jo Malone is a brand that I can pinpoint to bloggers, Charlotte Tilbury is also a brand that I can do that with. When the iconic makeup artist first released her beauty line into the world the blogging and beauty world as a whole went completely gooey eyed over the products. And that's hardly a surprise as they come housed in the dreamiest rose gold packaging as well as a stunning shade range to choose from. So many of their products have become staples in a lot of beauty lovers lives and for me, it's always been the lip liners, blushers and eyeshadow pencils that I've gravitated towards.  Of course, it's a more premium brand but one that I think is totally worth it for the outstanding quality that you're getting, as not only are the products beautiful in their formulation but they last incredibly well too. 

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What are your favourite cliche beauty blogger products?

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