6 Complimentary Nails Colours


Finding nail polishes that flatter your skin tone is difficult. I'm always envious of those who can slick on intensely bright shades come summer time as against my snow white skin it's not pretty. I only ever want polishes to compliment me opposed to making my fingers look like they either belong to a corpse or that I've got something wrong with me. So here is a rundown of the shades that I find incredibly flattering, from pastel hues to vampy reds. 

RIMMEL SALON PRO - PUNK ROCK: Dark hues are normally reserved for A/W, but I've been known to slick this on during the warmer months. It's not your typical grey, it contains a blue/purple tinge to it which makes it much more complimentary. Sometimes grey can look a little too stark on pale skin. The Salon Pro line from Rimmel is one of the best from the high street, the wide brush makes any manicure a breeze. A key factor when applying darker polishes. 

ESSIE - SHEARLING DARLING*: A deep red is a staple in my polish collection. If I want something that is smart without going for a typical nude I will always reach for this. It's got a hint of brown which gives it a sophisticated edge that's incredibly flattering. Shades like this with dainty gold rings is always a pretty look alongside an all black outfit. My love for the Essie formulation has been documented over the years. They're beautifully opaque and long lasting so definitely worth the extra £££'s. 

MAYBELLINE SUPERSTAY 7 DAYS - HOT SALSA: Hot coral shades aren't something that are usually flattering on me. They can make my hands look the complete opposite of healthy. As this shade leans more toward pink & red than orange and yellow it's always a safe bet, particularly in S/S. I'm forever wishing that Maybelline would release more shades in this range as it's awesome, fool proof brush and a formulation that beats even some high-end offerings. 

ESSIE - MAXIMILLIAN STRASSE HER: I've gone through multiple bottles of this polish. Whenever I'm stuck in a rut I always slick on a couple of coats because it's a shade that goes with everything. It's the perfect mixture of grey, green and blue. Not a colour combination that sounds that appealing, but it's truly beautiful. It looks particularly pretty in the festive period with a gold glitter layered over the top. I always have good wear time with Essie polishes but this one surpasses them all. 

REVLON - TEAK ROSE: After hunting for months for the perfect dirty rose shade I think I've found it! Revlon aren't a brand I normally go for when it comes to nail polishes. This is the type of shade that can be worn all year round and not look out of place. The formulation is awesome, opaque in one swipe but the brush is a fiddly pain. Very thin so application takes a lot longer than what I'm used to but the beautiful shade is worth it.

ESSIE - COCKTAIl BLING: Another shade I've gone through more than one bottle of. As much as I love lilac shades I find them quite difficult to wear, until this beauty came into my life. It combines pastel purple with grey so it offers a grown up way of wearing a pastel polish. It can be a little sheer in formulation so multiple coats are needed which takes a little longer to apply.

What are your favourite flattering nail shades?

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