6 Unexpected Beauty Products That Fill Me With Confidence

There are plenty of obvious options when it comes to beauty products that can give you a boost of confidence like a killer red lipstick or a flawless foundation. But the ones that give me the most confidence are the ones that you probably wouldn't even think twice about but today I'm going to share my favourites with you and dig into some topics that are always a little awkward to discuss. 


Getting rid of my peach fuzz was a big deal for me and something that I'd been thinking about for years. Even though I'm a naturally dark haired girl I was fortunate that the hair on my face wasn't that dark but to me, I thought it was really noticeable and it was something that I was incredibly self-conscious of. It all started with getting it waxed but that was a pricey habit to keep up with so I tried hair removal cream and that worked a treat. It's not something I'd ever suggest for more sensitive skins as I can imagine it being pretty irritating. I use the Nair hair removal cream and it's easy to work with, it works it's magic within around 5 minutes and then you're done. It doesn't smell amazing but if you wash your face afterwards then you can't detect it at all. There is just something about having a really smooth face that makes me feel so much more confident about myself and I find it makes going makeup free easier too. 


I wouldn't say I'm someone who needs to worry about body odour as I don't sweat all that much but something I am pretty conscious of is just the way I generally smell. Even when I'm not leaving the house I still like to spray on a perfume just to give me that little boost. And it doesn't have to be something super expensive, just a general body spray will do but it really does give me a pick me up in not only confidence but making me feel generally a little more awesome too. Perfume is one of those body products that I know is never a necessity in my life but when something makes you feel special and can really uplift your mood then why not?


To say my hair is very fine and flat would be a huge understatement, I look like an afghan hound when I brush my hair out completely straight and it's not a look that I like to go for. So I rely on a backcombing brush to give my bonce a little bit of bounce and keep me looking less like a hound. I know it's absolutely terrible for my hair to do this and even though there are numerous hair products that certainly help to give me that little bit of lift in a less damaging way there is just something about gentle backcombing my roots that gives me that pep in my step. I'm sure all the fine haired girls out there can relate to the worry and panic of having such flat hair that it can make you look like losing it in some places. 


Possibly the smallest step anyone can do in their beauty routine is to use a spoolie but it's something I find to work wonders for my sad brows. I'm not sure why my brows are determined to slope down and look incredibly sad at all times unless I brush them into submission or layer up the brow gel but then they just look crusty which probably doesn't look any better. And I've tried everything with them and nothing has ever quite got them to stay brushed up and fluffy all day so carrying around a spoolie with me is the best option. It's something so small but it makes a huge difference to my complexion and lifts my entire face. For something that costs a couple of pounds at most it's well worth it if you struggle with sad brow syndrome [not a real ailment but it should be]. 


Blackheads around my nose are something I've struggled with for years and even though you would have to get really up close and personal with me to see them they're something that really bothers me. I feel like they stop the area from looking smooth and just generally aren't that pleasant to look at it. And I've never been someone to dig around at my blackheads or rip them out of my face so using a good clarifying mask has always been the best option for me. I'm pretty strict with myself and use something deep clarifying every few days to stay on top of congestion and I find this generally helps with breakouts too and I find myself a lot less likely to get pesky whiteheads if I keep up with this. There is something so good to me about smoothing on my favourite clarifying mask, removing it and being left with beautifully clear skin afterwards. 


I can never quite pinpoint the exact reason why I get such dry hands and my cuticles are always a mess because of this so using hand cream is something that makes me feel so much more confident, as well as a good manicure of course. And I'm not sure how many people look at my hand's that much but whenever I meet someone new I instantly look at their hands so I just presume it's something that works both ways but obviously it doesn't. Just quickly massaging my hands and nail beds with something that's rich and nourishing is not only good for the area but it always makes me feel better and less self concious when I have to shake someones hand. 

What are your favourite less obvious confidence boosting beauty products?

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