6 Hyped Beauty Products I'm Giving A Try & Revisiting


When it comes to hyped up products I always tend to steer clear as I hate getting my hopes up only for them to come crashing down. So I tend to leave it a couple of years or even more sometimes before I give something a go. But lately, I've been giving a few hyped up items a try to see how good they really are as well revisiting a couple of old favourites to see whether we still see eye to eye. 



Way before my love affair with the Fresh Sugar lip balms began I was Burt's Bees girl. At the time their tinted balms were the best that I'd ever tried and comforted my cracked dry lips whilst adding the same sort of pigment as a lipstick but without the faff and upkeep. They're slightly matte on the lips which I like as typically tinted balms are very glossy and can slip and slide around the lips. And even though it's been years since I've used a tinted balm from Burt's Bees they're still as good as ever and if you're not a lover of lipstick but still want a hint of tint as well as the hydration I cannot recommend these enough. I have the shade Hibicus which is such a pretty dusky rose shade which is ideal for the majority of makeup looks and you don't require a mirror to apply. Sometimes I find that budget lip balm options are total rubbish and only provide a sense of relief for a short period of time but that's never the case when it comes to Burt's Bees products.


I've heard a lot about Hylamide, it's from the same family as The Ordinary which is a company that the blogging world cannot get enough of right now. On the surface, the pore delete primer sounds like everything I want in my base products and I absolutely love this when first applied. You can feel it instantly on the skin working away at refining your skin texture and creating a smooth surface for any makeup that you might apply over the top. However, it does leave my skin a little tacky and I find that when using my usual foundation options over the top that it just doesn't seem to work and I'm unable to blend anything in. I imagine if you have really oily skin and I mean really oily then it might be something that may work but for me, it's something that I'm going to reserve for makeup free days. When I want my complexion to look more perfected as it does a beautiful job of that but sadly not great in combination with makeup. 



When it comes to the colder months I really need a thick buttery cream to help my hands out. I'm terrible for biting and ripping the skin around my nails and generally leaving my hands looking a little bit of a mess as well as having the driest cuticles in the world. The Burt's Bees Almond & Milk hand cream is such a thick butter which feels instantly comforting on the hands. It's not one that you can take on the go as of course, being in a glass jar it's very impractical but it does leave your hands feeling a little greasy which is fine before bed but not ideal on the go. If you have really dry hands that crack and bleed then this is a great option and it smells absolutely divine. I'm tempted to use this on my heels and toes as it's so rich.  


I've always seen these dreamy beauty pearls around the blogging world and always thought they were something that I needed to try. But they are something that I thought could run the risk of being really powdery and laden with talc but I'm pleased to report they aren't. They add the most beautiful glow to the skin with just a light dusting over all over and they set your base into place. As well as the beautiful glow they add to the skin I can't deny I'm an absolute sucker for the vintage-inspired packaging and the way that the pearls smell. They smell exactly like Parma Violet sweets which are a classic from my childhood and it makes the application process a little better. 



Nars blushers have been a staple in my routine for years, I absolutely love the soft buttery formulation as it's an absolute dream to work with. I've been using the shade Unlawful recently which I find is very similar to my beloved Douceur [a brown based dusky pink] which is sadly discontinued. This a little more brown than pink which is something I've come around to liking as it sculpts the skin but what's different about this is that it contains shimmer so it acts as a highlight on the cheek too. Nars blushers are so hyped up in the blogging world and the beauty world in general, a staple in any makeup artists kit and it's not hard to understand why. They're so buttery soft, highly pigmented, an absolute breeze to work with and incredibly long-lasting. 


I'll never forget my first bottle of Stella by Stella McCartney, it came in this beautiful deep blue limited edition packaging and it was a scent that I always reached for when I wasn't quite sure what to wear. And what I love about Stella is that it's a very distinct scent, you can always tell when somebody is wearing it and that's why I love it so much. So often I fall out of love with scents but that's not happened with this fragrance which I'm thrilled about as it is so lovely and it lasts so long on the skin. It contains notes of rose, amber and lemon which are all things I absolutely adore on their own so it's no wonder when they're all blended together they're absolutely wonderful.


Are you trying out any hyped products at the moment?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty