6 Lazy Girl Beauty Items That Have Maximum Effect

We all know that I'm a self-confessed lazy girl when it comes to beauty. I love to seek out products that can make me look like I've put a lot of effort in without actually so which is why one wash wonders are my best friends. I've been really enjoying the aesthetic of more lately as it's not my usual go to and one of the great things about makeup is you can play around with it endlessly and find something that makes you feel awesome. So if you're a fellow lazy girl when it comes to your beauty routine but still want to look like you've put the effort it then stay tuned for 6 of my new favourite one wash wonders. 


PIXI FLAWLESS BEAUTY PRIMER*: Anything that can add radiance and life to the skin instantly when you're not in the mood to apply numerous creams and other skin enhancing products is great. The Pixi flawless beauty primer not only adds a glow to a tired and stressed complexion without the need for shimmer or glitter but it also smoothes out the skin creating an even base for anything else you might want to apply over the top. Not only is this great for being used underneath any other makeup items but it's perfect for days when you don't want to wear any base but still want to feel a little more perfected.

BAREMINERALS COMPLEXION RESCUE*: When I first tried this after hearing an intense amount of praise for it online I had pretty high hopes and I was so disappointed upon first use. But lately I've been using it more and more and now I understand why it's something that is so well loved. It's a gel based tinted moisturiser that perfects the skin just enough whilst still letting your natural base shine through but in all the best ways. Typically tinted moisturisers or BB creams don't last long on the skin at all but this hangs around all day, it took me by surprise when I went to remove my makeup as it was still very much intact. For every day when you don't want to wear a foundation that might not be comfortable to have on the skin all day this is such a beautiful option because it still offers up coverage as well as adding a soft focus finish to the skin.


STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR IN PEONY*: I've talked about this blusher an awful lot lately but it's been one of those glorious moments where I've rediscovered a beauty product that I used to wear and use constantly and remembered just how awesome the formulation is. The CC's are such a beautiful item for Spring too as they add a flush of healthy colour and a dewy gloss to the skin which we probably want coming out of A/W. If you're new to the world of cream products then there are a great starting point as they're so simple to use. The reason why these are so good for the lazy girls who want maximum effect with minimum effort is because they give the cheek a certain look, you know that backstage model whose cheeks seem to glow effortlessly? This does just that and even though it is so glossy it doesn't just slide away and disappear, even when my skin was really oily I could still use these but if you're cautious of wear time you can set it down with a translucent powder.

BURBERRY PALE BARLEY EYESHADOW*: Something surprising has happened lately, I've not worn a champagne eye in weeks and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm just as surprised as you are and the shadow that sparked this change was the Burberry shadow in Pale Barley. 

It's a shimmery taupe with a hint of bronze and it was a big hit in the blogosphere a few years ago but I never bought into it because I was married to the champagne. The formulation is absolutely beautiful it's so buttery smooth and soft but so strong in pigment and it makes creating a more exciting eye look incredibly easy whilst staying put all day, even without the use of a primer.

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA*: I'm a big believer that you don't need to buy a fancy mascara as you can happily buy from the high street and still get a beautiful product that performs. When this mascara from Too Faced was released, everyone was wild about it and I begged my boyfriend to bring it home from the USA and again it was another hyped product that was pretty disappointing upon first use but I've found this is a mascara that works a thousand times better when it's a little drier and can really cling to the lash. It fans out my lashes beautifully whilst maintaining a curl and lifting them too. You can really build up this mascara to give somewhat of a false lash look, as you can see with just a few coats it makes me typically sad lashes look great and it's not a complete nightmare to remove either. 

What are your favourite lazy girl beauty products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty